For Mother’s Day, Chanel makes children dance

For Mother’s Day, Chanel made children dance in a beautiful ad The parade. Press/Chanel

Happy and quirky, Chanel’s new beauty ad celebrates Mother’s and Father’s Day with a funny and moving children’s show. Decryption with its founder, Thomas Du Pré de Saint Maur.

What are the main memories of Mother’s Day for us? Pictures, salted bread crumbs, noodle necklaces, songs read with beating hearts… A collective feeling that nurtured the imagination of the Chanel house. “We were satisfied with the imagination of little children for three years,” recalls Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, director of creative resources for fragrance, beauty and watchmaking at Chanel. This interesting and historical fact is that the master of these announcements is unlike any other. An idea that has followed him since childhood, when he first saw in Okapi a Chanel advertisement featuring a bottle full of flowers.

Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Director of Creative Resources, Perfumes, Beauty and Watchmaking at Chanel. Press/Chanel

In 2020, the children of the house designed brand products, N° 5, Bleu, Crème Mains, Rouge Allure… In 2021, they sculpted them in modeling clay. This year, the La Parade campaign is inspired by the end-of-the-year shows at the primary school: “Our communication is feeding this culture of French eclecticism”, explains Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, proudly. back to show off her new baby. The teacher or the parents who are looking in the wall to finish the work of their cherubs. “The spirit of Chanel is freedom, boldness, the unexpected, delivery…lightness without class.”

A happy company

The work was done in two stages. From the products, thirty-four children made clothes in their size, with request, work and imagination that show them. All are between 6 and 12 years old, the age at which they are not “contaminated” by codes and social media. The Chance perfume, N° 5, Le Rouge à Lèvres Coco, the 4 Ombres palette that became a table on the legs, the guitar mascara… Nothing is perfect, but everything is beautiful and can be seen immediately.

Then, twenty-seven other children took the stage for a colorful song. And very controlled, because it is the famous choreographer Blanca Li herself who skillfully leads this small group. The soundtrack? Groove is in the Heart, from Deee-Lite, is a world music that is meant to appeal to all parents. “We also imagined Daft Punk robots,” whispered Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, who said it was a professional show but not too much. Make room for surprise and spontaneity. “We have left everything, the accidents, the good decorations, the mistakes: a child who arrives late, someone who turns the wrong way, another who lies down on the ground to rest… It is touching for the which is true.” As always, the most important people were the adults who attended training on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. In the end, a minute full of laughter and energy to see on the small screen and on social networks, but also in advertisements from May 24 to 30.


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