Father’s Day: the 12 best scents to give according to their style

Finding a gift for Father’s Day isn’t easy. Men tend to be more flexible when it comes to their perfumes. Choosing the 12 perfumes to give according to its features, be sure to be right on Father’s Day.

1. For the creator: Imagination of Louis Vuitton

Suggestion: A light cup that awakens emotions, between the energy of citrus fruits, a bewitching black tea and an overdose of ambrox, the “white gold” of the perfume.

Think, Louis Vuitton

2. For drivers: Acqua Di Giò, Armani

Suggestion: This new opus by Acqua Di Giò is as inspiring as the wind you catch on your face during a trip to the sea, between marine notes and fresh water.

Acqua Di Giò, Eau de Parfum, Armani

3. For traders: Terre d’Hermès Eau Givrée

Suggestion: Terre d’Hermès’ fresh snow style evokes the freshness and purity of a white shirt, put on after a morning shower.

Terre d’Hermès ice water

4. For night owls: Sauvage Elixir by Dior

Suggestion: the ritual method of Sauvage, enhanced, like liqueur. This, through the main idea of ​​its ingredients: aromatic herbs, artificial lavender and a strong wood.

5. For the showpiece: Scandal Homme by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Suggestion: a sage/vetiver duo both muscular and galvanizing, like entering the ring.

Scandal for Man, Jean-Paul Gaultier

6. For the nomad: L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Suggestion: a siesta in the shade of Mediterranean pines, lulled by the scent of basil, eucalyptus and sea spray… Offered in its collection, in a bottle enhanced by the designer. Kevin Luckbert.

Eau d’Issey for men, Issey Miyake

7. For beauty: Halfeti from Penhaligona

Suggestion: Imagine a dandy in an English club, surrounded by aromas of rum, cedar, vanilla…

8. For the claimant: A by Henry Jacques

Suggestion: a scent unlike any other, very beautiful, of lavender, combining leather and musks with great finesse.

Anyway, Henry Jacques

9. For lovers: Bvlgari Man Wood Essence

Suggestion: a compendium of woody scents found when walking in the woods, between cedar, cedar and vetiver.

Man Wood Essence, Bvlgari

10. For Dreamers: For Man by Caron Le Soir

Suggestion: a magnetic lavender, created under its black edges, perfect for big evenings.

It belongs to the man from Caron Le Soir

11. For fun: 212 Heroes by Carolina Herrera

Suggestion: a surprising and joyful breath of pear, ginger and cannabis Lemon Haze.

212 Heroes, Carolina Herrera

12. For athletes: Moncler for Men

Suggestion: a strong breath due to the “Alpine Green” and the “Mountain Wood” like: a solitary journey to the peaks, in the green of the mountain pines.

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