Chanel presents a copy of its Métiers d’art exhibition in Italy

The finale of the Chanel Métiers d’art exhibition. (Florence, June 7, 2022.) Chanel

Chanel presented a copy of her work in the city of Lys. A collection that combines knowledge, refinement and comfort.

“Not everyone knows, but half of Chanel’s life is in Italy,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, during a master class given to students at the Florence Chamber of Commerce, in June 7. Then the president of fashion works of Chanel will answer a question about the relationship between the luxury brand, a reference to the French style, and Italy. The most valuable and intimate relationships that the Florentines could choose from were a great campaign that took place for several days in the city. That is … The full label is the event. He presents a copy of his Métiers d’art exhibition at an old disused railway station in the city. The first session was held in Paris last December. But an Italian innovation is welcomed on the eve of the arrival of the collection in stores.

This fashion show, one of the trends (outside of haute couture), was conceived by Karl Lagerfeld in 2002 with the aim of improving the brand’s creators and creators. However, there is no shortage of hostels in Italy. In recent years, Chanel has acquired several things: leather, clothing, shoes … the quality of the peninsula’s craftsmanship is at the heart of the production process. “This relationship with Italy is not relevant from today. With this country, we can develop a product, but also work. And it is unique. Fashion relies on this ability to develop and produce, for the Everything can be done in stores when the collections arrive on time,” said Bruno Pavlovsky during the master class.

Meet at Stazione Leopolda

This Tuesday evening, guests, journalists, Italian customers in two-tone shoes (made by Roveda, a family business that knows beautiful women’s shoes and owns Chanel since 2000) and with house representatives, including Penélope Cruz, Caroline de Maigret and Angèle. running at Stazione Leopolda. The venue was covered in white curtains and giant camellias, a nod to the brand’s signature flower, custom-made by Lemarié, a French fur maker and piggery also on the company’s coat of arms. Chanel. It is clear that this collection Métiers d’art with sounds of work, and at the same time with the city. This simple wardrobe invites movement, starting with tweed shirts with sleeves and casual dresses that are open. The creativity is expressed through graffiti-style embroideries in colorful stamps by Lesage, or in Bermuda shorts in voluminous knit purple or dark blue. The tools are not recommended to back out of cleaning. Two-tone beige and black Mary Janes featured ankle-high heels embellished with chunky pearls, and long leather gloves were worn with a mix of jewels. Is it over? Not at all. The parade ends with a concert organized by an Italian band, followed by the singer Angèle.


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