Xavier Domergue and Yoann Riou are connected by a personal device

The candidates who survived the one black envelope of the season, Xavier Domergue and Yoann Riou answered questions from internet users and made a presentation.

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M6 is announcing this Wednesday, July 20 the third of these Beijing express, shock duos. Among the pairs, the unknown duo made a place for itself in the hearts of the viewers. When they finally reach the first stage, they are miraculously saved by a black envelope. Last week, they were forced to travel with a basket of fish and a Sri Lanka, they managed to compete and did not end up in the final position. They survived the final duel that killed Théo Curin and Anne, his messenger.

The same passion for the same perfume

Asked by internet users on a live Instagram, Yoann Riou and Xavier Dormergue made an amazing presentation. Since their journey, these two sports commentators, lovers of the circle wear … the same fragrance. “I changed the scent on Xavier’s advice“release the member of the Big heads in laughter. Then, his page was quick to add: “While Yoann was getting dressed Blue by Chanel. Believing that he does not pay for the perfume because, sometimes in the evening, when we arrive and we are lucky enough to sleep with the locals, he leaves it around the room, as if apparently “Breeze” is for the toilet.“. Another example of the amazing harmony between these two personalities with different characteristics.

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It’s a world race

Several times asked about Yoann Riou, Xavier Domergue reassured his followers: no, the happy journalist The company life is not difficult. His calmness and patience seemed to inspire his fellow passenger. Even better, they wanted to make it clear that no conflict had marred their journey. Both relied on good weather to advance in the race and face obstacles. Even in the first attempt, when they spent six hours rowing! Despite his partner’s flight and great energy, the M6 ​​journalist is “no time, [il] don’t like it [s’]irritating“. However, all participating teams know how easy it is to lose your composure during the competition.

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