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When choosing a perfume (for yourself or as a gift), several criteria should be considered: the olfactory family, the person for whom the perfume is intended, perhaps the design of the bottle not the name of the brand, but also (and above all?) the price.

In the same way we choose the same direction for a person 20 or 60 years old, the contribution is not the same depending on having 30 or 300 euros to spend. Here are some tips to help you find the right perfume at the right price, depending on the budget you want to spend.

For a low price under 50 €

If you’re a fan of perfume, you’ll find that it’s possible to have delicious scents without breaking the bank. If you have little money, on the other hand, you should forget about the smell like that. search for secondary water.

As their name suggests, the difference between these products is only due to their composition: therefore, the “natural fragrance” (called extract or essence) is not in water, but raw materials dissolved in alcohol. Eau de parfum can contain 10 to 15% extract while eau de toilette contains between 5 and 10%. The raw materials are less, so the product is better, CQFD.

Don’t worry, brands now offer quality eau de toilette, and it’s really good! And these are not what we expect. Therefore, the ready name Jules for men has been released in two directions that are worthy of interest: A good person and a good person (with thematic preference for marine notes of the latter).

Nice guy by Jules: €29.99

Among the classic perfumes, some rums have the perfect flavor to give a simple yet pleasant eau de toilette. Of course, their perfume is faster than a good perfume, but in the short term, they will allow you to leave an unforgettable impression.

And of course, another solution to pay less for your perfume is to choose a 30ml bottle instead of 100. But you’ve got yourself thinking! So that, Lolita Lempicka Green Lover eau de toilette is available for less than 50 euros for a 50 ml bottle.. Very delicate and marked by citrus fruits, this fragrance is perfect for summer… but not only!

Lolita Lempicka Green Lover: €28.30 at Notino
Lolita Lempicka Green Lover fragrance

Among the popular brands, Calvin Klein and Lacoste are the ones we recommend for a perfume. For a person under 30 years old.

Since 1994, the unisex eau de toilette CK One It is a very good product, a simple and time-free operation that appeals to the greatest number, by giving pride to the green.

In the crocodile brand, the perfume L.12.12 is often found and available in new colors (white, yellow, green, etc.), but we recommend Lacoste L’ve eau de toiletteIt is a balancing and herbal tonic.

CK One by Calvin Klein: €37.09 at Marionnaud
CK One perfume by Calvin Klein
Lacoste L!ve: €41 at Sephora
Lacoste Live Perfume

For a typical perfume between 50 and 100 €

In this price range we find most of the perfumes appreciated by the public: Azzaro Wanted, Terre d’Hermès, La Nuit de l’Homme… So we can only learn for you to look at Sephora , Marionnaud or Nocibe and choose the perfume that we are talking about a lot at the moment, the one that we see the most advertising about… So, if you have a budget of 50 or 100 € to spend on a perfume, we tried to give you some works that are not famous but as beautiful as the trio mentioned above.

So, once again, we have moved away from traditional words to invite you to discover Horace eau de parfum. The cosmetics brand dedicated to men already offers great beauty products, but we didn’t expect its fragrance to be so successful. However, her new and modern way and her clothes are appealing to her.

Horace eau de parfum: €60
Horace men's eau de parfum

Appearing in 2014, Valentino Uomo quickly established itself as the biggest accessory of the season. Stronger The new interpretation born in Rome, conceived as a tribute to the eternal city, is better. ! Smoky vetiver, violet leaf, sage and ginger make this classic eau de toilette more than meets the eye.

Then stay in Italy…while going to Japan, Maison Margiela’s Matcha Meditation is a gem to discover. This perfume created by Alexandra Carlin and Maurice Roucel is part of the Italian house’s Replica collection, where each fragrance evokes an olfactory memory. Here, it’s the tea ceremony you can find in Japan, with notes of green tea, orange blossom and jasmine. Fresh, cool, comfortable: a success all the way.

Valentino Uomo Born in Rome: €53.25 at Sephora
Valentino Uomo was born in Rome Eau de Toilette
Maison Margiela Matcha Meditation: €56 at Galeries Lafayette
Maison Margiela Replica Matcha Meditation

For a comfortable budget of 100 to 150 €

In this price, you have the opportunity to pamper yourself and experience different scents from ordinary people. More than eau de toilette, you will find here a lot of eau de parfum designed with very different ingredients, in more beautiful designs…

So that, The Tom Ford collection is very important to us : Noir, Black Orchid and Oud Wood are the notes you need to know, but our favorites are named Vanilla Tobacco. Inspired by “the English club, sparkling with spices”, this eau de parfum is sweet and warm, but its accord with tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa and sweet wood sap takes it away to you.

Tobacco Vanilla Tom Ford: €126 at Sephora
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla Men's Eau de Parfum

In France, there are famous perfume houses, which have known the right way over the years. This is the case of Guerlain, whose Habit Rouge men’s and women’s Petite Robe Noire needs no introduction. But with its Les Absolus d’Orient collection, designed with the finest materials, the Parisian house offers even more affordable accessories., really invited to go. Ardent Patchouli, Royal Sandalwood, Mystical Incense or, our favorite, Oud Essentiel, as its name suggests, represents the oud tree, related to the Bulgarian rose.

And since we’re talking about historic buildings, let’s remember that linear paths are less common. We think, for example, of Kerigan, which we told you about here, appeared in the Roaring Twenties before completely falling into oblivion. In 2022, Luc Gabriel gave it new life, with intoxicating and surprising fragrances, such asIris Coffee : be careful, this way will not be fun for all people!

Absolus d’Orient Oud Essentiel by Guerlain: €126.75 at Sephora
Absolus D'Orient Oud Essentiel by Guerlain
Iris Coffee Cherigan: €128 at Jovoy
Cherigan Iris Coffee Scent

For a good perfume over 150 €

We can repeat here what we said in the first paragraph: when you are lucky enough to be able to spend more than 150 € for a perfume, there are many more wealth and unknown odors. Prepare to be amazed because these niche perfumes are much less than simple perfumes cut for the masses: we either love them or we hate them!

The “special” collections of the big houses (the Chanel Exclusives, the Private Collection of Dior, the Garden of the Alchemist Gucci, etc.) have the best tools, but you should be interested in the big names. in the perfumery niche. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Frédéric Malle and his Editions de Parfum, so he revisited the beauty of the perfume: Geranium for Mr. it was one of his greatest successes.

Geranium for Monsieur by Frédéric Malle: €160 at Nose Paris
Geranium Perfume for Monsieur by Frédéric Malle

Some time ago, we also saw you in the work of Marc-Antoine Barrois. After B683 and Ganymede, this gives us another cosmic journey with its third probe launched in 2022 and baptized. Enceladus (named after the moon of Saturn or the mythical child of Gaia). Rhubarb rubs shoulders with vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and tonka bean for an atypical effect, different… but addictive!

Finally, Parfums de Marly is today one of the best perfume houses (it’s worth it !). These works were inspired by the 18th century and the French royal court which represent rarities and show refinement and simplicity. Latest example with stopa fragrance designed for today’s “gentleman” and based around sage, bergamot, cedar, saffron, oud and agarwood.

Enceladus by Marc-Antoine Barrois: €175 at Nose Paris
Enceladus Marc-Antoine Barrois
Eau de parfum Haltane: €273 at Parfums de Marly
Eau de Parfum Haltane Parfums de Marly

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