What nail color is the Vogue France editor wearing on the beach?

Is it blond gold, opalescent white, intense burgundy, or dark blue? Unlike the ballerina pink + poppy red duo, they have one thing in common: they go well with shoes. Well known, they avoid the closest pedicure teams. Here is an overview of the 10 lacquers that the editors of Vogue France will wear this summer.

What nail color to choose for your summer pedicure 2022?

Photographer Cameron Hammond

It’s denim blue

“An azure blue, which is used, gives a perfect denim effect. Perfect pairing with my denim shorts (my vacation wear) and my Lanserhof blue Arizona birkenstocks. I love its name – Suzi Takes a Sound Bath – and the fact that it produces a tan.

Suzi takes a sound bath – OPI

Frédérique Verley, Beauty Editor of French language

It’s cherry red

“Personally, if I’m not doing a natural/red shade, I like OPI’s ‘can’t beet’, it’s between red and black. And it’s a good color with things like no longer!”

Jade Simon, Editor and Lifestyle Editor of French language

Blond gold

“I love shoes in pop colors, and there’s no question of redoing my pedicure every day! As a result, I often choose this “golden blond” hairstyle from Kure Bazaar in the summer, which goes well with any outfit. The smaller the print, the better. “…

Royal Gold – Kure Bazaar

16 €

Kure Bazaar via Bazar-Bio.fr

Mélanie Defouilloy, Editor and Beauty Market Editor of French language

It is pure white

“Clean and beautiful, in my opinion, one of the most pleasant summer colors on the skin. My favorite nail polish: It doesn’t matter the brand if its composition is not clean, with lots of foods of natural origin.

Nailmatic – PURE color YSE


Nailmatic via Nocibe.fr

Marie Courtois, digital marketing editor at French language

A pastel lilac

“This summer, my heart is swinging between all the pastel colors… But if I had to choose just one, I would say the shade “Lilac Lucie” from the vegan and biosourced nail polish collection Even. Its color is filled with softness like the dark skin of the holidays and clothes with the fat of the nails of the hands like the feet. As a bonus, it has silk to strengthen to the nails. The solvents in the formula are natural because they come from potatoes, wheat, corn and potatoes!”

Marie Bladt, Editor of Green and Beauty of French language

It is coral red

“It’s a bad day. The one from the green Manucurist brand, baked in coconut oil, guaranteed to be free of toxic endocrine disruptors AND vegan (my insistence, always), is a godsend for the skin.

Red Coral – Manucurist

14 €

Manucurist via Smallable

Manon Garrigues, Cultural Editor of French language

A terracotta red

“Summer as well as winter, I like to have a black pedicure because I find it more beautiful when I wear shoes. I like to choose colors that change a little, like this shade of Indian summer, a deep stone red, signed by Manucurist. Plus, this hair dye is green and vegan. “

Indian Summer – Manicurist

Marie Périer, Audience Development Manager and editor of French language

It’s a soft pearly red

“In my opinion, a good summer pedicure goes well with all the colors of the shoes, and should be fun without being eccentric (at the risk of being tired). Chanel’s Sunlight varnish checks these boxes and finish: it’s a bright pink, more fun but more fun than a normal bald.


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