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The month of August is “hollow” at the cinema, the distributors want to relax the vacationers (and not lose money when the tourists leave the cinemas…).

Therefore, some films released in July can use this to continue their good business, such as Thor: Love & Thunder (1.2 million viewers in its first week of operation), Les Minions 2 or Top Gun: Maverick for newcomers. And among the new things revealed, it is above all that Brad Pitt is the one to be talked about, in the paper of the Bullet Train.

In short, if you plan to take advantage of the new darkrooms, here is the full film schedule for the month of August 2022.

It is slated for a theatrical release on August 3, 2022

We thought we had a lot to do and fight for the summer with The Gray Man on Netflix, but the Bullet Train used by Brad Pitt is not good in nature! And if you’re tired of all the violence, but you’re looking for something lighter for the summer, the Year of the Shark will be the perfect choice…

Bullet Car

Brad Pitt was a surprise who showed himself on the Bullet Train, curly hair, glasses on his nose and a bob on his head. On vacation, friend Brad? However, even in this movie she portrayed a killer with the cute name of Ladybug. He seeks to accomplish his new mission as quietly as possible, on a high-speed train. But of course, nothing goes as planned.

Crazy as hell, this feature film was directed by David Leitch, a veteran stuntman known as… Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven and Mr & Mrs Smith.

age of the shark

What if Jaws was funny? Like this Year of the Shark, a film by Ludovic and Zoran Bouherma starring Marina Fois, Kad Merad, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Christine Gautier.

In general, this movie could have been quite a surprise in terms of value. In any case, this promises one of the best entertainments of this summer.

Other trips of the week:
Minstrel by Olivier Goujon, Offbeat by Juanjo Gimenez Peña, Fires in the Night by Dominique Lienhard, Super-Heroic Lovers by Paolo Genovese…

Released in theaters on August 10, 2022

Between John Carpenter’s Christine and the incomparable day with Bill Murray, this Wednesday, August 10 will proudly offer a place to play religious films again. Among the new items are the manga fans need to party, including the release of the new One Piece movie. Or, horror lovers can get their thrill with Nope, the new film from Jordan Peele, director of the Get Out blockbuster.

The highest class

After Sales Gosses and Ma Reum, Frédéric Quiring signs his third musical with La Très très grande classe. We see Melha Bedia in the skin of Sofia, a French teacher who was killed by her students and believes that she has found the meaning of her dreams. In addition to being banned from driving, Sofia has to work with someone new with an unsolicited CV, played by Audrey Fleurot. The duel between the two teachers promises to be… tough!

One piece of film – red

The new One Piece movie should benefit from a huge distribution and therefore it can be a hit at the box office! Goro Taniguchi sends Luffy and his crew on new adventures, in this case a concert.

As one Uta, the world’s most famous singer, performs there, the power of his voice can change the world… Yes, indeed!

Other trips of the week:
Nope by Jordan Peele, Dodo by Panos H Koutras, Loin de chez nous by Wissam Tanios…

Released in theaters on August 17, 2022

We are talking about horror movies, which will be discussed again this August 17, with the release of Esther 2, 13 years after the first part…

Esther 2: Reasons

As its name suggests, this sequel actually acts as a prequel and goes back to the origin of Esther, a real delinquent and arsonist. After escaping from a mental institution, she tries to pass herself off as the missing daughter of a rich family in the United States. But his “new family” may give him a hard time.

Now 25 years old, Isabelle Fuhrman has taken on the responsibility that has shown her to the public. Time to finally start his career in the cinema?

Vesper Chronicles

There are sci-fi movies that are being planned to be blockbusters thanks to a crazy amount of money (hello Avatar 2 and Dune 2). And then there are others, which we haven’t heard much about, but may deserve our full attention.

This Vesper Chronicles directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper can be included in this second part. In any case, we want to give it to him now!

Other trips of the week:
Old Fireplaces 2 by Christophe Duthuron, Where the Fish Sing by Olivia Newman, Last Days in the Desert by Rodrigo Garcia, Beyond the Sky by Yusuke Hirota…

Released in theaters on August 24, 2022

If you like comedy, go to the cinema this week. With the exception of Franck Dubosc’s Rumba la vie, the films on the schedule are very promising. We’re impatiently awaiting George Miller’s (yes, Mad Max) next, Three Thousand Years Waiting For You.

Leila and her brothers

Saeed Roustaee’s film was talked about at the last Cannes Film Festival and promises to be a very moving family fresco, in the heart of Iran (it is banned from viewing the country).


Seeing Idris Elba’s name appear in the cast may be enough to make you want to go see a movie. And that’s the case of this Beast, where he played Dr. Nate Daniels, back in South Africa with his two daughters. A family vacation turns less glamorous when the trio find themselves battling a wild and lonely lion. So who is the king of the jungle?

Other trips of the week:
Wild People by Thomas Daneskov, The Drift of the Continents (in the South) by Lionel Baier, The Ball from Hell by Jessica M. Thompson, The Green Shutters by Jean Becker, Rumba the Life of Franck Dubosc, Three Thousand Years Ago George Miller…

Released in theaters on August 31, 2022

This month of August ends at the cinema with (among others) two UFOs: a comedy directed by Adèle Exarchopoulos and a crazy movie with Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis. Two styles, two seasons before the start of the school year!

The Five Devils

Little Vicky has a strange gift: she can smell and reproduce all the smells that come into her nostrils. He also collects them in labeled bottles. When her father’s sister, Julia, bursts in, the little girl decides to recreate her aunt’s scent… And that’s when everything changes.

Directed by Léa Mysius, The Five Devils is one of those films with a strong vision, with an atypical idea. Why smell the scent of dark rooms!

Everything everywhere

We’ve got the Marvel experience of the masses. Here is a very different style, brought to the screen by the Daniels (Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan). Without knowing why, Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) finds herself thrust into different worlds where she searches for the different lives she’s led… and sometimes she has to save the world. Atypical, surprising, funny: This is probably the craziest picture of the year!

Other trips of the week:
With Love and Determination by Claire Denis, The Taste by Ivan Calberac, La page blanche by Murielle Magellan, My Name is Gulpilil by Molly Reynolds

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