What is the power of perfume in our life?

Choosing a perfume is not an easy task. And for good reason, perfume is not an addiction, an olfactory sign that is unique to us, a way to prove ourselves to society and others. It gives us the confidence we need every day to surpass ourselves and move forward. Because perfume hides unexpected powers and also helps us to go beyond our limits to improve some things inside. Konbini & AZZARO The most popular perfume offers you a small list of possibilities behind each fragrance.

Amber, engine of self-confidence

Woody and animal, ​​evoking the smell of the sea, amber emits a power inherited from the forces of nature. When it surrounds you and slips into your nostrils, your self-confidence will increase dramatically. Amber is a unique companion for those who want to achieve great things and take on difficult challenges. Not to be underestimated.

Citrus, a powerful stimulant

We all know the smell of citrus fruits. It has often been with us since childhood, reminding us of our thoughts on making breakfast. Its pungent, titillating, almost effervescent taste makes it an incredible energy booster. A beautiful citrus scent that gives you the strength to face long days at work and the trials of everyday life.

Red color, the power of seduction

If I had to pick just one, it would be this one. And for good reason, the complex aroma of red pepper, spices and peppery, gives the user an amazing power of seduction. Its fragrance is intoxicating, intoxicating, enlightening the spirits of those who smell it and imbuing the wearer with an invisible flame. This shows why it is one of the most valuable ingredients of the Perfume AZZARO The Most Wanted, which can induce luck to protect and provoke luck. If that power tempts you, then you know what to do.

Neroli, a natural stress reliever

Neroli is not a plant as such, it is an oil obtained from the orange blossom. It emits a special fragrance, at the same time floral, pleasant and fragrant. This amazing balance offers great anti-stress power, which can calm even the smallest worries. Even more surprising, the more you breathe in its aroma, the more it grows. He took it gradually gaining strength, until giving the impression of a large bouquet of flowers with accents of bergamot and mandarin. That’s right.

Azzaro the Most Wanted Parfum has others with amazing powers. It combines subtle flavors like bourbon vanilla and a subtle touch of incandescent wood. The mixed scents allow those who love to provoke luck. If you are one of those who like to seduce and control their destiny, then it is about the Perfume AZZARO The Most Wanted that you wear. Its power will only increase as it interacts with your skin.

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