Top 10 news stories, top of the week #389

Love my vanilla and chocolate meringues (yes not yet but if there is a baker around she can try) how are you today? Yes, it’s hot now, yes, the world is going down the drain and yes, we’re all going to die of disease or malnutrition but the ostrich has enough, keep going Let’s go for five minutes. We are the champions of the week, these different experiences we see thanks to this courage @adjusted, something mysterious but perhaps love.

1. Britain: he set his soil on fire and started an uncontrollable fire

Topito’s review: It’s a good story, when he wanted to burn his piece of toilet paper, he literally set the entire beach on fire. These people with a burning desire are the scum of mankind. And one day they will be his savior. But I doubt it.

2. He wants to avenge his ex but burns down the wrong house…

Topito’s review: It is foolish because the house of a man who did not ask for anything is destroyed. That being said, his ex probably shouldn’t have set his house on fire. What is this mania that sets everything and everyone on fire.

3. Asnières-sur-Seine: the destroyer sentenced after stealing a “submarine” for the DGSI

Topito’s review: It is worth trying it, because it is classy to steal a submarine but it is a little hidden under the water in the description of the thing, so there is a chance of success. The problem is the size, it doesn’t fit in the hole.

4. He buys an iPhone at Fnac and returns home … with a piece of tile

Topito’s review: If Fnac starts to pull back, what will happen to us? But let’s convince ourselves that someone who wants to buy a piece of tile is living their best life.

5. A person is punished for buying too many drugs

Topito’s review: So, if from now on we can be accused of being too ambitious, it’s unfortunate for my fifty-year-old Daron friends. It’s really sad what the world is becoming.

?ZURICH? A man was fined for importing female genital mutilation. He didn’t know the color of it, the plates were locked in customs

Sent within 24 hours on Friday, July 22, 2022

6. With 1.4 million eggs, a student wants to create an amazing ‘frog army’, scientists are worried.

Topito’s review: It’s like an original villain story and definitely not boring. One person’s power is not necessary. Not mine, Kanye West’s music I heard in a perfume ad.

7. He got 500 grams of pigeon droppings on the back of his neck that fell from the tower, which hit his nerves.

Topito’s review: In fact, the story is very sad because it can be serious, but it is better that people enjoy throwing half a kilo of chicken on other people and that is not the spirit of the relationship we are looking for.

8. A dinosaur footprint found in a Chinese restaurant

Topito’s review: Therefore, the restaurant is older and it is a place that was left by the customer from a long time ago, or the people who built it did not appreciate anything, because If you don’t see a dino track at first sight, it doesn’t look like a single basketball track.

Do you want to eat in a Chinese restaurant tonight and talk about something other than history? Fortunately, we don’t…

Posted by Nota Bene on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

9. A 7-year-old boy’s hand tells a robot chess player.

Topito’s review: We’ve been yelling at robots to be stronger and smarter for a long time, so if we have to start yelling at bad gaming robots, we’re out of luck. The child said, but where are we going?

10. The drunkard, the governor of a town in the Oise killed a bird in Saint-Brieuc

Topito’s review: Yes, but today’s mayors think they have all the rights. We don’t beat gulls like that, not even drunk ones, and even less so when this gull himself is the last one in town and he’s always supported us.

And while waiting for the next week, clean yourself with perfume oil and go read the teubés of the week. Only one of these tips is a good idea, it’s up to you to find it.


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