Shopping for summer 2022: 7 light perfumes to wear this season

The summer 2022 sale runs from Wednesday June 22 to Tuesday July 19, 2022.

In the summer, it is better to bet on a light scent. As the temperature rises, the scents last longer and sometimes become stronger. The strongest things can be difficult for those around you, so go for something light. With beautiful days, and a fortiori in the holiday, so you want a fresh perfume, simple and not serious with flowers, citrus or earthy spices.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer Daze eau de toilette

A pioneer in unisex fragrances, Calvin Klein has brought back its summer version of the popular One with a bottle that evokes the setting sun. Its Summer Daze edition is reminiscent of the hot summer heat and this is translated into the sweet notes of kumquat at the heart of ice cream with mint.

Eau De Toilette CK One Summer Daze CALVIN KLEIN

Le Male Jean-Paul Gaultier eau de toilette

A great fragrance for men, Le Male is the safe way to wear it in any situation. We have in its signature bottle, a tribute to sailors, a refreshing scent (note of lavender) and sensual (note of vanilla). Something to prove your masculinity with taste.

Le Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Lacoste Match Point eau de toilette

Like beautiful tennis matches, we find in this perfume a perfect transition between woody notes and a fresh green. A nod to the tennis courts is also seen in the design of the bottle with a green cap that recalls the racket of the famous René Lacoste but also a black line, which can complete the mix. with a tennis ball. .

Calvin Klein Forever for Men Eau de Toilette

Embellished by top notes of lavender and green leaves (sage and basil) combined with sandalwood and vetiver, Eternity by Calvin Klein embodies all that is good about to fresh and light spices.

Calvin klein eau de toilette lasting fragrance for men

Eternal Life for Men by Calvin Klein

Sauvage eau de toilette by Christian Dior

On one side there is a fresh scent of peppery bergamot, on the other a vanilla scent.
An unfussy routine that’s perfect for the most honest among you.

perfume dior eau de toilette sauvage

Sauvage by Christian Dior

Acqua Di Giò eau de toilette by Giorgio Armani

In addition to the story, its new image and water will take you to the dry and hidden coast of the island of Pantelleria, where Giorgio Armani wants to restore his buttons. It is enough to escape for a few moments with its scents of cedar wood and patchouli.

Giorgio armani acqua di parma perfume

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

1 million eau de toilette by Paco Rabanne

Most of all, this fragrance is designed to stand out. Its golden ingot-style bottle perfectly represents this fragrance that breaks the codes of men’s perfumery with its ultra addictive amber and fruit notes.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette Set


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