PHOTOS – Father’s Day: discover 30 new perfumes to give to all fathers

To entertain your appa, respond to his favorite hobbies: tinkering, painting, modeling clay and recreate the world in the skin of a comic book hero or robot. For Father’s Day, believe us, this year, spices are a school day. Here is a selection of fragrances that will give without hesitation!

When it comes to fragrances, we say there is something for everyone. For men or women for that matter. Fortunately, the biggest perfumers compete in olfactory performance and design every year to give us the most desired new products. And for our men, every holiday, whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays of any kind… is an opportunity to introduce him to a new men’s fragrance .

He likes perfumes and citrus based on citrus fruits of all kinds (lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin); whether he prefers woody notes (sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, etc.) or gourmet notes (vanilla, whiskey, yuzu, caramel, etc.), no problem! It’s a spice in our choice about her skin!

Fabrice Bouquet and Julie Chanut Bombard

Father’s Day: Dive into the Seventies

With the return of flare pants, psychedelic looks and disco music, the joy of the 70s speaks to many of us. At that time, orange was the dominant color when the feminine perfumes of previous years were no longer used for fresh water. This is a sign of renewal with nature. We return to it with the Declaration Haute Fraiceur that blows a green note on its citrus fruits and brings a fresh sèvre on its cedar (Cartier, Eau de Toilette, 100ml, €72, in stores Cartier). In Lacoste L12.12 Blanc, the flight of lemon and ginger is captured like a forehand, released by lavender on an oak bed (Eau Fraîche, Lacoste, 100 ml, €81 *).

Father’s Day: He will dream of the Loch Ness Monster

Is he a real sea serpent or a pure chimera? A problem that makes visitors happy. When it comes to scents, they like virile woody notes, if you keep thinking. Like L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Cèdre with its marine scents inspired by strong leather. (Eau de Toilette Intense, Issey Miyaké, 100ml, €98*). The same reflex as Terre d’Hermès Eau Givrée has a base of cedar and vetiver tempered with citron, juniper and pepper. Some mineral words resemble waves in water. People of lacustrine life? (Eau de Parfum, Hermès, 100ml, €117*). The brave will love the vibrations of the new Dior Homme Sport, with an invigorating touch of bergamot and spices, before the volute of perfume thrown by the amber wood to release the mysterious It is enough to face Celtic stories without batting an eyelid, while emerging from the bowels of a loch. (Dior, Eau de Toilette, 125ml, €120*).

Fabrice Bouquet and Julie Chanut Bombard

Father’s Day: Making the “Man”

Will robots soon replace humans? To mark its difference with the machines, there is nothing better than a perfume that invokes human “feelings”. Born in Rome projects Coral Fantasy at sunset in Rome, with apple juice on geranium, patchouli and fun tobacco (Uomo, Eau de Parfum, Valentino, 100ml, €97*). Karl Lagarfeld’s Vienna Opera fragrance twists classic lavender with citrus fruits and warm woods (Eau de Toilette, 100ml, €59, at Marionnaud). The same classicism is intended for the Parfum pour Homme by Missoni with lavender brightened with optimistic citrus fruits in the virile wood (Eau de Parfum, 100ml €89, at Nocibe). For those with a sweet tooth, The Most Wanted woody fern by Azzaro in sugar with vanilla caramel (Eau de Parfum intense, 100ml, €88). Another way to challenge humanoids with detached hands is to pamper yourself with Vetiver Extraordinaire by Frederic Malle: its beautiful citrus fruits give way to smoky green roots in indicated by skin temperature. (Eau de Parfum, 100ml, €250, A mission impossible for robots.

Father’s Day: make him look for something

Heat, knead, knead the dough… By doing, each person creates their own world. These new substitutes offer freedom and independence to the perfumes they cover. A strong sea breeze from Acqua di Giò, enriched with woody mineral notes (Eau de Parfum, Giorgio Armani, 125ml, €125*, refillable). For men, bitter orange soothes dull and round skin (Eau de Parfum, Yves Saint Laurent, 100ml, €110*). The attractive green cap of Gentleman Réserve Privée adds to the mystery of its whiskey notes, surrounded by chestnut and wood. With fresh coriander and iris powder for flavor. (Eau de Parfum, Givenchy, 100ml, €109*).

Fabrice Bouquet and Julie Chanut Bombard

Father’s Day: allow him to release his energy

Rediscover the flame of your childhood, paint with your fingers, what’s more! With a yellow gouache, as dynamism as these perfumes touch the heart. The crunchy apple, mint and iodized notes of Boss Bottle Marine will make you shiver with pleasure, before burning with cinnamon and patchouli. (Eau de Toilette, Hugo Boss, 100ml, €94*). The salty sea breeze inspired by the lemon stones like Costa Azzura by Tom Ford, A full power, where the tree trunk is enhanced by the cypresses like the Mediterranean scrub under the heat wave. (Ala, 100ml, €187, Those who dare to take a step to happiness, will wear this red leather, comfortable and supported with real oud wood. A few notes of tangy bergamot mixed with lavender make it enjoyable. Haltane, Parfums de Marly. (Eau de Parfum, 125 ml, €273.

Father’s Day: see him in red life

Wearing this color like love and hate is not for nothing. In Habit Rouge L’Instinct, the famous vanilla skin is released from the rose and the refreshing cannabis effect (Eau de Toilette Intense, Guerlain, 100 ml, €97*). Jean Paul Gaultier’s Male thigh proudly displays a word in red letters for this Pride limited edition, commemorating the brand’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ communities. Its vanilla lavender is composed of neroli and yuzu in a warm amber color. (Eau de Toilette, Limited Edition, 125 ml, €104.98*). While the lacquered red hue of Montblanc Legend Red leaves behind a charismatic scent full of contrasts. Juicy citrus fruits, cardamom and sage burn cold on a hot base of cedar and velvety mahogany with tonka (Eau de Parfum, Monblanc, 100 ml, €96 *).

Fabrice Bouquet and Julie Chanut Bombard

Father’s Day: put his finger in the pot!

Many contemporary artists have created a special practice of finger painting called “reckless art”. A word that translates as “carefree” or “reckless”, qualities that Invictus Platinium maintains, thanks to its absinthe and its fresh minty texture on a woody lavender (Eau de parfum, Paco Rabanne, 100ml, 105.58 €*). Carefree like a happy explosion of mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit, in Light Blue Italian Love. The firmness and juniper berries hover over the rosemary to prolong the suspense (Eau de Toilette, Dolce & Gabbana, 100ml, €82*). Man Aqua takes you to the foam of the waves, with the active iodized sea salt. Sage and geranium in a warm base will calm things down. (Eau de Toilette, Jimmy Choo, 100ml, €87*, Sephora only).

Father’s Day: make him smile

Like the face of Mr Potato Head! Freeing yourself from the shackles and falling back into childhood to rediscover the reality of emotions is what many men do. Luminous sillages help to rediscover these feelings of true pleasure. A common element in these two fragrances, red peppercorns explode from the very first seconds, fresh and spicy. The sweet smile is laced with fresh perfume before it anchors itself to the sandalwood and amber in Brioni, like a light dress with a perfect fit. (Eclat Eau de Parfum, Brioni. 100ml, €110, At Molton Brown, it’s a British comedy, combining like spice and ice cream for comedy. Then the fragrance warms with jasmine, cedar and patchouli. (Fiery Pink Pepper, Molton Brown. Eau de Parfum 100ml, €130,

text to Laurence Férat and Béatrice Thivend. Prepared by Isabelle Lafond. Fabrice Bouquet (photographer) assisted by Cyrille Hardouin. Signing Julie Chanut-Bombard.

Photographs: Fabrice Bouquet and Julie Chanut Bombard (still life) and Marcus Skiske (middle picture)

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