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When you put the perfume on, it smells good. it’s true. But it’s something that makes people happy. To attract, get drunk and give the woman of his dreams, for example.

If you find yourself in this description, gentlemen, you may have thought of perfumes for men that “please” women a lot.

Here’s an endless selection of men’s perfumes that women love most…

What are the best perfumes for men like the French?

A quick search of the internet will provide some answers. So, a few years ago, a study on a sample of 1082 people for the Huffington Post learned… no scent really stood out! So there is no magic formula or elixir of love that will allow you to seduce a woman.

The main collections of Dior, Boss and Chanel

However, The great classics of men’s perfumes monopolize the first places calculation according to this study: Boss of Hugo Boss, Eau Sauvage by Dior, Allure Homme by Chanel make the podium of a top 10 where we see Dior is for men, Azzaro is for men or otherwise The Man by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The latest from Paco Rabanne, Azzaro and Saint Laurent

Among the latest fragrances, Bleu de Chanel, Invictus a One Million by Paco Rabanne or otherwise Land of hermes these ladies seem to like it.

But since this study, the water (and the perfume) has flowed under the bridge, new fragrances are on the rise, both for men and women. Therefore, the stars of the 2020s are called the perfume industry Azzaro is wanted, The night of man or otherwise Y of Saint Laurent. These days, By Hugo Boss and Scandal de Gaultier are also featured in this unofficial ranking of France’s favorite men’s perfumes.

Also, nothing is perfect: these perfumes are part of the best selling perfumes.

Discover the best perfumes for men

in the house of Sephora | Nocibe | Marionnaud

Scandal for Man Jean Paul-Gaultier

We asked women for their thoughts: what’s their favorite men’s perfume?

But at, we don’t leave anything behind and we know how to keep going. So, like true investigative journalists (hello Elise Lucet and Bernard de la Villardière), We conducted our own survey of ten women between the ages of 20 and 45. Each of them has a well-defined concept of what a explains his choices in terms of men’s fragrances !

A memory of youth, a refreshing scent, a sweet scent and a fragrance: you will find that all women love a perfume not only for its smell…

The scents of deception and first love

When asked “which men’s fragrance do you prefer and why?” “, the first answers are mixed, some perfumes are engraved on the head… and the heart of young women. For Elise, it is a scent of youth that says from the beginning, the first love. “So if I want to think about the 80s and my green years, I think Azzaro is for men, which brings back good memories. They all wore this…”

As long as Azzarofor Celia: Chromium reminds me of childhood memories, careless, it’s my father’s perfume ».

Marie, he evokes his memories of a young woman: Kouros by Yves Saint-Laurent, which is what my husband wore when we got together; but I’m talking about a time that people under 20 don’t even know about! »

Azzaro Chrome, a men's fragrance loved by women

Simple and cheap perfumes that will make you dizzy

Claire likes it Pi by Givenchy : “This perfume makes me want to bite the wearer. Well, my husband is wearing something else…”

In Vanessa, there is no mystery, the perfume she likes is her lover. Azzaro Chrome – Here again! – “Fruit, fat, heart, I love it! ». It’s a great culture, of course, but there are (sometimes) more sophisticated tools.

Like Audrey’s favorite, Never on Sunday by Ego Facto “Well, I can’t say why I like it, I can’t put it into words. But what I know is that I like it! » Usually, We recommend niche perfumes that appeal to women and men, men: if they are more exclusive, they will allow you to stand out from the crowd.. Need a specific name? Try the creations of Cherigan, BDK Paris, Marc-Antoine Barrois or the private collection of Dior…

For Max, who loves her husband and her perfume: “No doubt, it is Monsieur morning water, by Gaultier, I like its light, very fresh, enveloping and not heady citrus scent and then I like this scent for its own sake! »

Armelle, her husband’s perfume makes her melt. The beauty of Chanel, because it is aromatic and woody, sensual and virile, hot and feminine… irresistible! »

Finally, Chrystelle made her choice or choices, though: Kenzo is wild a Lolita Lempicka I’m Male : “I love their sweet and warm letters, rarely used… They transform my man’s skin into real elixirs of seduction… and creativity. »

Kenzi Jungle, Never on Sunday by EgoFacto, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin

When someone invites you to go

In another list, some perfumes appear in other senses. So Alice tells us to love Kenzo is for men : “I can’t say why there is so much about this perfume Eau d’Issey Miyakea scent of light that smells of travel…” Like these two scents, Japan is also a country that puts a lot of emphasis on spices.

Finally, for Stephanie, Habit Rouge by Guerlain It’s a fragrance for women and men, and I like this ambiguity, it awakens in me the desire to see who wears it, it’s amazing with a different style! »

Habit Rouge by Guerlain is a fragrance that always appeals to women
Perfumes for men that women love

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