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The 2022 summer sales are well and truly announced. Many unmissable promotions are starting, especially in Nocibé. Find the best deals on fragrance packages!

Summer sales 2022 have arrived on Wednesday, June 22 to July 19, many online stores are offering the best promotions. This is the case of a beautiful giant, Nocibé. Make-up, care, perfumes, many products from major brands now at the lowest prices! To help you do your best, we’ve found you irresistible deals on fragrances from major brands.

Perfume is a beautiful, beautiful and purifying product. We usually don’t choose, it’s the last print that works best in our signature. Sweet, chypre, floral, woody, there is something for everyone from Yves Saint Laurent to Nina Ricci through Tom Ford. Discover without waiting the best offers on perfume boxes offered by Nocibé!

– €51 on Eau de parfum Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford up to €77.40 instead of €129, that is, a discount of – 40% and a saving of more than €51. That’s what we call a job well done!

This unisex oriental perfume is the best! Black truffle, ylang-ylang, bergamot and black currant combine at the top before giving way to black orchid, cinnamon, black plum and lotus wood. Then we finish with a nice black with patchouli, incense, vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood. A beautiful, complex, almost mysterious scent!

>> See the offer at Nocibé

– €43 in box Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum

Bonbon Eau de Parfum by Viktor & Rolf up to €65.40 instead of €109that is a reduction of – 40% and therefore a saving of more than 43 €.

Here is an oriental floral with notes of peach, mandarin and orange at the top that reveal orange blossom, jasmine and caramel in the heart which is framed by a woody base. cedar, sandalwood. , Amber and guaiac wood. This perfume is perfect for a fat woman who isn’t afraid to show who she is!

>> See the offer at Nocibé

– 43 € on Azzaro’s favorite girls box

Azzaro’s Favorite Girl Box up to €65.40 instead of €109that is a reduction of – 40% and therefore a saving of more than 43 €.

This floral and oriental fragrance is perfect for a woman full of life, sunshine and freedom. We have the fragrance at the top, which gives dulce de leche in the heart, then vetiver in the base for an accord like an explosive. Don’t forget!

>> See the offer at Nocibé

– €41 in the Mon Paris & Rouge Volupté Shine box set by Yves Saint Laurent

Mon Paris & Rouge Volupté Shine by Yves Saint Laurent up to €61.80 instead of €103a discount of – 40% and a saving of more than 41 €.

This chypre fragrance for women is bold and feminine with its top notes of red fruits and bergamot, underlined by jasmine and datura flower before revealing patchouli and with white musks. All it takes is a mini mascara and a lipstick. I’m clean!

>> See the offer at Nocibé

The Nina Extra Red box by Nina Ricci up to €43.80 instead of €73, which means a reduction of – 40% and a great saving of more than 29 €.

This feminine and powerful oriental flower opens with fresh and fruity notes of blackcurrant and raspberry, enhanced by tea and rosebud in the heart, then reveals praline and vanilla to base notes. . The smallest thing? This set features a palette of 6 eyeshadows including pale caramel shades. We can only melt!

>> See the offer at Nocibé

And to see all the fragrance offerings at Nocibé, here it is!


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