Jin Yoo-hee’s dress in “Remarriage & Desires”

Available from July 15, 2022 on the American streaming platform, “Remarriage & Desires” has quickly climbed to the top of the French list of the most watched on Netflix. After “Squid Game” and “My Name”, South Korean productions are on the rise and are constantly praised by critics. This time, there is no blood drama but a synopsis telling around a marriage ceremony reserved for the elite of Korea. But this place is the stage where the real tragedy is played out against the protagonists of the series. We follow an abused and widowed woman, Seo Hye-seung, who will do anything to trap and humiliate her ex-husband’s abusive and cheating mistress, a member of the marriage industry. . Obviously, not everything goes as planned and there are many twists and turns. A television story that holds suspense until the eighth and final episode, where love, revenge and low stakes are bound in this new program.

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Jin Yoo-hee’s character: a Machiavellian lawyer

Jin Yoo-hee is the most interesting character in the series. For her rare beauty and unsung beauty, she stands out with a badass spirit nonetheless. A ruthless lawyer who is very popular in her community, the young woman is looking for a rich man to marry and is very manipulative. To achieve her goals, Yoo-hee charms the CEOs and other big names of the Korean company to cheat them out of the money, turning them into their Deaf and drive them to death… It’s a silver lining.

Her dress: elegant and sharp

Aside from her demonic personality, Jin Yoo-hee surprises us with her noble looks. In the whole process, the protagonist charms us with every scene thanks to the most beautiful clothes but also more. Pencil skirts are very important, so she chooses them sometimes simple, sometimes twisted with original materials and colors (neon green tweed, crocodile-style leather, pink, etc.). We can say that well-cut shirts in bright colors, ill-fitting trenches and hot pants make up most of his wardrobe. Our favorite feature? Her fitted leather pencil skirt, paired with a bright yellow blouse with three-quarter sleeves and ankle boots, while her black dress with oversized shoulders, attached with a wide belt with a gold box and a Kelly green collected. -handbags, or her outfit with a sleeveless red Burlington-style coat, a white V-neck shirt, wide pleated fuchsia pants, finished off with a white silk scarf neatly tied around the neck and white toe slingback sandals. Some of the fashion-inspired outfits include her black pencil skirt with cutouts at the neck, her long asymmetric red dress and red skirts, worn during a masked ball organized by by Rex, the marriage office, or. It’s also a tight fit with short sleeves in blue corduroy, which suits her style to perfection. More than a bad character, Jin Yoo-hee is a real movie star.

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Good effort

The symbol of the quality of the working girl, the pencil goes back and forth in our wardrobe. Although this beautiful piece has disappeared in recent years, it was returned to the catwalks of the Spring-Summer 2022 and Fall-Winter 2022/2023 fashion shows. We have seen it at Balmain, Fendi, Elisabetta Franchi, Acné Studios, Alexander McQueen, Celine, Vetements, Versace and many other houses, guaranteeing that this dress will be your choice for the next few months. And we have to say that after watching “Remarriage & Desires”, we don’t think about it. Combine it with a colorful shirt or a fitted dress for an ultra-chic outfit or with a graphic t-shirt to break the stress imposed by this silhouette-shaping piece. We also choose clothes, dresses and/or pants, necessary for a wardrobe that we have in all designers (Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexandre Vauthier, Ami Paris or Gucci to name a few).

Choosing the pieces to sell will recreate the looks of Jin Yoo-hee.

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