From yesterday to today, the history of fragrance for men

Today, many men use perfume every day. But if we jump in time, this is not far from the case in the past. You have to go back to the 1970s to find men’s fragrances so popular.

So, if you want to know more about this beautiful cult, today we offer you a dive into the history of men’s perfumes: from the first creations to 2.0 updates, your favorite perfume has never stopped surprising you. !

Dunhill and Caron, pioneers of perfume for men

Before the appearance of men’s eau de toilette, men who wanted to wear perfume had no choice but to choose Madame’s eau de cologne.

It wasn’t until the 1930s that things changed: the first perfumes were heavily influenced by vetiver and lavender… In 1934, it seems the first two brands dedicated to men were the aptly named Pour un Homme by Caron and Dunhill for Men by Dunhill.. Eighty years later, these two fragrances are timeless and are some of the oldest songs ever.

But it’s hard to shake these gentlemen’s appetites, especially in the Paris of the Roaring Twenties. The advent of the Second World War, things were not easy, and Therefore, it was only from the 1970s that perfumes really began to attract male consumers..

And eau de toilette has become a classic…

At the risk of breaking down doors, a new wind of freedom blew in during the 1970s. What we rarely know is that this is also true in the men’s fragrance industry!

A message to share

A man in his seventies no longer only wears aftershave, but when it suits him.. He sees it as a way to express his unique personality more than ever before. Of course, this is part of the global trend, as the feminist, gay, hippie and punk movements are visible, especially through clothing.

From now on, we see on the street the anonymity of the past and we can better understand it for the same community. Like clothing, scent helps distinguish people: Those who wear perfume around lavender do not give the same message as those who leave a scent of patchouli in their wake..

body worship

The trend was confirmed in the 1980s and after eau de toilette, we saw the trend of “virile” perfumes. These innovations show the popular “body religion” and emphasize the opposition between women and men of that time. Men’s perfume represents success in life and access to power. Who will win? Who is the strongest?

The power, of course the smell. One can argue that sometimes the head. This is true for women (Poison by Dior) but the event is more for men. The best example is Antaeus by Chanel.

Each person has his own scent

We already said above: choosing a perfume is not a trivial matter. You can share a message or confirm your identity. And of course, you don’t wear eau de toilette at 18 like you do at 50.

However, the 1990s marked a break with the previous years. In the perfume room, we are seeing an opportunity, a return to reality. The new fragrances are characterized by their balance and stories close to nature, plants, but also the sea. And what better example than Kenzo pour Homme to mark this trend?

Among young celebrities, we are also seeing it the CK One revolution : The unisex perfume itself is nothing new, but the Calvin Klein fragrance is shaking up consumers.

Water doesn’t matter, if we have a bottle

If fashion has an eternal beginning, so does perfume. Perfumes that were once popular have become “old” before returning to center stage. We saw this again with the revival of the Cherigan brand, which was created in the 1930s and gradually disappeared from the 1950s.

Other timepieces that have survived the years and should speak their language for many years to come: Pour un Homme by Caron, Eau Sauvage by Dior, Habit Rouge by Guerlain…

But with the advent of e-commerce, you can buy your perfume online without even smelling it first. it seems that the rose bottle is as important as the water itself. Who better than Paco Rabanne to represent this? With the one million gold box, the Invictus box and the Phantom robot, the creator has completely broken the codes.

Phantom Paco Rabanne eau de toilette for men

Looking at the parts of a site like My Origines (Chosen the best online perfume shop by the UFC Que Choisir in February 2020), the experience is more than olfactory: it is the design of an eau de toilette to lead our sales. than its smell. It’s high!

Far from being anything to say for one way or the other. A men’s perfume should be seen as a decorative and (above all?) seductive property.. We train ourselves above all to please a woman or a man, to stand out from others or to prove our ability to behave (especially in the case of things niche scent).

Then you say? What will happen to us? In addition to ultra-personalization (increasing the number of artificial fragrances), why not dream of a fragrance that changes according to the wearer’s personality? Or an eau de toilette to color the skin? In less than a century of existence, the smell of men has not stopped surprising us. There’s no reason for it to be any different in the future!

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