For Father’s Day, why not give our dads a gift (even if it’s the thief behind it)

Father’s Day this Sunday, June 2022, 19 can be an opportunity to give them an encouraging gift in this way. Skin care bases, old shaving boxes, portable bar soap, and other sunscreen products are great gift ideas.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19, 2022 ! If you’re at a loss for ideas, here are some cute ideas to satisfy your dad or any parent for that matter. Obviously, these gift ideas last all year long, not just for this special day that is meant to celebrate darons. The good thing with the gifts below is that if she doesn’t use them (thank you!), other members of the family can use them, regardless of her husband (if shave your legs with a beard product, it wins. No beard will grow on your calves, promise).

Cute gift ideas to pamper your dad on Father’s Day

Lush eye mask

Superdad Eye Pad Eye Pad — Lush — €8 for 60g.

Lush’s latest cosmetics is not lacking in humor with this mask that looks like a superhero disguise. It contains a mixture of yerba mate and aloe vera, which cleanses and revitalizes the contour of the face. It is enough to encourage people to take off the curtains to get a good rest, and why not take the time to put a mask on the rest of the face to make it a rest. good luck and keep improving.

The Gift of Horace

Face gift box (cleansing cleanser, mattifying cleanser, and soft brushes) - Horace - 36 €.

Discover the Eye Gift Set (cleansing cleanser, mattifying cleanser, and soft brushes) – Horace – 36 €.

Whether she’s taking care of herself in the bathroom or is completely new to the topic, this Horace box of great skin care tips is perfect for all skin types. There are three products composed of 99% natural ingredients: a 99% pure but gentle face cleanser (200ml), a mattifying face moisturizer (75ml), and a very gentle face mask (75ml). The latter will have the advantage of opening the pores, even under the beard and prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, without attacking the skin. But these three remedies can be used effectively by people of all genders and the whole family, of course.

Typology palmarosa moisturizing cleanser

Cleanser with palmarosa - Typology - € 10.80 per 100g.

Discover moisturizing cleanser with palmarosa — Typology — €10.80 per 100g.

A solid bar soap is easier to carry than a gel water bottle, without stripping the skin like some people can do. This Typology has a dermatological bar, because it is formulated with 8% surgras. In other words, it will wash without drying the epidermis thanks to these surfactants for the calmness and respect that can be used on the face and body. It is made in France, using 100% natural ingredients, leaving the skin soft, clean and hydrated. Obviously, it can be suitable for the whole family and all types.

The Terre d’Hermès Award is organized by Hermès

Terre d'Hermès box (100ml eau de toilette and 80ml shower gel) - Hermès - €74.25.

See Terre d’Hermès box (100ml eau de toilette and 80ml shower gel) — Hermès — €74.25.

A well-known and yet divisive gift, perfume is a double-edged sword. For a dad who wears perfume, and often switches between perfumes, giving him a refill of a water he’s already used is the safest bet. If dad is more stubborn, introducing him to a different scent can be a winning bet. Or, if he doesn’t smell himself, there is a good chance that the scent given to him will remain on the floor indefinitely. But Terre d’Hermès has the gift of proving itself to be a good and acceptable perfume, which may appeal to a large number of people without entering the sweet water. Created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena in 2006, this beautiful woody citrus opens with top notes of bergamot and grapefruit, a green and fruity heart evoking rhubarb, and a base of cedar, vetiver, and patchouli with smoke and leather. result of the most beautiful result. It’s something that most dads enjoy, but not only.

Intensive skin care by Proraso

Set for sensitive skin for sensitive skin (skin before shave, cream and balm after shave) — Proraso — €18.75.

See the shaving set for sensitive skin (cream before shave, cream and balm after shave) — Proraso — €18.75.

For fathers who shave their faces regularly, it can be a very interesting ritual with good products that you want to take care of yourself. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this stylish soap box will take pride of place in the bathroom and help improve comfort with a pre-treatment (100ml) that cleanses and protects the skin well, a cream shave (150ml) to ensure perfection. razor, and alcohol-free after shave balm (100ml) to soothe the skin and protect against razor burn.

Biotherm moisturizing sun milk SPF50+

Waterlover SPF50+ Cleansing Sun Milk — Biotherm — €32 for 200ml.

Waterlover SPF50+ Cleansing Sun Milk — Biotherm — €32 for 200ml.

In general, if the father of the family does not think of sunscreen, leaving this mental burden to the mothers, give him a good family tube that can help protect him from the bad effects of the day, but the rest of the family. a well-chosen teacher. This Biotherm moisturizing sunscreen milk is formulated to be as respectful as possible to aquatic and plant life, while protecting human skin with an SPF50+. Water resistant, without white marks, biodegradable, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive. It is a gift that invites you to take care of your skin and health, for yourself and/or the whole family.

Concentré Éclat is the body cleanser by Clarins

Concentrated Éclat facial self-tanner — Clarins — €32 for 15ml.

See Addition Concentré Éclat face-tanner — Clarins — €32 for 15ml.

For dads who want to look tanned all year round, instead of letting him burn his health, we can introduce him to self tanning. Even if he already knows this thing, he will appreciate this Clarins face-tanner, it’s really worth it to get a really tanned finish (and not Trump orange). Made with 99% natural ingredients, Addition Concentré Eclat can be mixed with any eye care: 2 to 5 drops (depending on the strength of the desired effect) in an oil to mix between the palms before spreading the face with it, think carefully about the ears and the neck to avoid negative demarcations! Used in the evening, this product guarantees a good way throughout the year, without the health damage of UV rays or sunbathing.

Lush Get (Sur)real Set

Get (Sur) real! — Lush — 35€.

Lush also offers a playful gift box ready to please! A soap in the form of a beard to wash the face and body, based on beard usnea (lichen species) with soothing ingredients, weighting petitgrain essential oil, and purifying charcoal powder . A green water gel promises to soothe the skin with lemongrass essential oil and fresh lime juice, while moisturizing with vegetable glycerin. Finally, a shampoo bar rich in cinnamon, clove and peppermint soothes the scalp, while an infusion of nettle and rosemary strengthens the hair.

Happy birthday to all parents!

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