Fanny Bal and Dominique Ropion, flair-play duo

Because of the shortness of time and the fact that this perfume business is in the form of a secret religion, not a social one. However, master perfumer Dominique Ropion does not intend to keep his knowledge to himself. “The nature of the creator is to walk”, it is confirmed.

“I taught him to be serious, to be precise, to put food in each. The art of writing short sentences where each ingredient is useful to himself, to give in the form of a scent. » Poem Fanny

This perfumer actually wrote a book to share the mysteries of his craft (The aphorisms of the perfumer, Le Contrepoint, 2018), but he wants to include his life experience and smell. At the beginning of his career, Dominique Ropion trained several distinguished noses (Chalice Becker in Roure and then Emilie Coppermann in Florasynth) and gave courses for a while at the International Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Aromatics . , at Versailles.

In 2011, Fanny Bal, a student at this school, came to ask her advice about a perfume she was making as part of her studies. The master let him come and smell raw materials every evening after his lessons. The only protection of a few days is to turn to an improvised training circle, or close.

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Fanny Bal rejects him, but he plays the “guinea pig”. By studying it, Dominique Ropion built the new teaching method of the school of the fragrance company International Flavors and Fragrances. “We started from a young age, and I quickly realized that this work was elementary school”, remember the thirty-something.

What Dominique Ropion sends him is important: “I taught him to be serious, precise, to put food in each. The art of writing short sentences where everything is fully justified, to give directly to it’s like a scent.” He sees every day how this meeting changes his way of working: “As such, I’m sorting my ingredients, not alphabetically, but by family of ingredients, from the simplest to the most sustainable. So one can quickly see what’s going on. »

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It’s always a question

Dominique Ropion is one of the four or five most powerful perfumers. He is the author of the most famous songs: Ysatis (Givenchy), Portrait of a Lady (Frédéric Malle), Alien (Mugler), La Vie est belle (Lancôme)… “Without realizing it at the time, this study allowed me to abandon certain automatisms and question preconceived notions about business”, he explained.

Fanny Bal couldn’t believe she had such an opportunity: “I owe him everything, he generously gave the first principles of his behavior. What he did for me, I want to do for others. » Ten years after they met, the student spoke with the master and created perfumes for luxury brands (Courrèges, Issey Miyake, Lancôme, Paco Rabanne).

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The business relationship became a friendship, without leaving the shores of work. They have registered several perfumes: Alien Mirage (Mugler), Wanted Girl (Azzaro), Irrésistible and L’Interdit (Givenchy), created together with Anne Flipo. “I can see they’re trying to cut me off with Dominique, but I can’t help myself,” Fanny Bal concluded.

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