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Every year has its own fragrance for men! Just like clothes, music or cooking, our tastes change as we age! The eau de toilette you wore in your youth is no longer as effective as you are in your forties. So we tried to find out in this article which perfumes are preferred by men according to their age.

However, don’t forget that you must first of all choose the perfume you like, not the one that puts you in the “right box”…

You don’t choose the same perfume as you age

Often, you don’t wear the same perfume at 20 as you do at 60. Apart from some stubborn people, men, like women, like to change their perfume.

As time goes by, we don’t necessarily have the same interests, we develop similar interests and tastes. So you can choose your perfume according to your age and this is a rule to follow if you want to give a gift. In the past, it was easy. Men owe their women’s perfume, so they can wear Eau de Cologne.

From the 1930s, men launched their own perfumes and from the 1970s, The use of male perfume has become a ritual carried out by a large number of people.. This guide will help you choose the right perfume according to the age of the recipient.

The best spice at 20

A young man is a volunteer and begins to take care of his life. He wants to win, wants to move forward and secure the future for himself. The perfume she chooses show his strength but also his desire to separate himself from others. Today, the choice is huge and each brand gives the world its own identity. The House Paco Rabanne offers several fragrances aimed at young men in their twenties. This is a perfume for conquerors, rebels or those who see a lot about the future. For them, we choose Invictus , Pure XS or otherwise 1 million .

In the same way, Diesel offers fragrances that are compared to the typical street style as the range The Only Soldier.

For a young man of 20, we are looking for a perfume that suits his personality. It is often strengthened and tonic with greens or water.

Peppermint, basil or anise can be found. We love the flavors that come with the flavors. For those with a relaxing mood, we look for aromatic, woody or sweet fragrances based on citrus fruits, Tonka bean, cardamom or Sima wood. For those who like a different feeling, patchouli, amber, jasmine or lavender. For those who are serious, we choose a nice, sweet and fresh spice based on cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla…

Invictus Legend by Paco Rabanne
Perfume for a 20-year-old man - Invictus Legend Paco Rabanne

Between 30 and 40, we become more complex

A man between 30 and 40 years of age appreciates mixed fragrances. depth and truth. They take their options and look for a new olfactory confirmation. There are thirty admirers Land of hermes but Dior is for menfor the power of things combined with beauty. Sauvage by Dior It is equally recommended for the human mind.

At the age of 30, men also like perfumes with a complex structure with different approvals of the origin. This is the case of spices The man o Jean Paul Gaultierwhich combines the scents of the past with the new…

In the same way, Dior Homme Sport a fresh and virile scent, strong and elegant, like the man who wears it. Or, for an ode to freedom, we turn to Bleu de Chanel for the independent and intelligent, seductive and mysterious. But our current favorite is for a 30-year-old man Azzaro is wantedwith its signature bottle and its soothing blend of cardamom, vetiver and tonka bean.

Azzaro is wanted
Perfume for a 30-year-old man - Azzaro is recommended

Favorite perfumes of 40 year old men

The 40-year-old himself said that he likes spices too beautiful messages, hearts or constant inspiration. Dior is for men by Dior to suit the supposed fortysomethings. It’s a nice and nice perfume, it has a smell and a base. Elegance is said to be classic with this sophisticated fragrance as it is fresh and sensual.

But we can choose Legend of Montblanc , which is not widely known but is beautiful. It combines dignity, beauty, elegance and sobriety. He embodies the man who is true to himself, his virility, which is accomplished and calm. After all, the quadra gives a clear charisma and does not need a good perfume!

Stronger with you oArmani, kiss of love. At Armani, fragrances go hand in hand with fragrances that complement each other while being different. Stronger with youhe is the Italian beauty of men in their forties. It is for human life o Diesel It is also a perfume appreciated by men of 40 years. It is a little annoying for virile and beautiful men who want to enjoy life.

In any case, the offering of perfumes recommended for forty things allows you to choose with peace of mind. We have a lot of perfumes with a controversial character, with a magical character, a new style, a sense of charm but also surprise.

Dior Homme Original
Perfume for a 40-year-old man - Dior Homme Original

For children over fifty years old

At 50, a man doesn’t have to prove himself. His taste is understood and he knows what he likes or what suits him. He seeks the truth and turns to great music classes. He chooses the spices to include the basic human values, comfort, luxury fragrances that express beauty and virility. We search for valuable perfumes such as Jules de Dior Where Azzaro is for men.

But the 50-year-old still wants to seduce with complex, beautiful, pleasant fragrances that allow him to fully express his personality. He likes popular music but doesn’t hesitate to try new things.

50 years will be drawn Acqua Di Gio oArmani, honest, handsome and very masculine. Since its creation in 1996, it continues to attract all those who love style, freshness, strength, all those who want to be unforgettable and timeless.

This man of half a century can appreciate thePerfect Man by Guerlain which, since 2014, is a bold, innovative, elegant and thought-provoking fragrance. Land of hermes (yes, again!) brings with it the glory of the past, an ode to natural things though Spicebomb o Victor & Rolf an amazing collection of spices and powers.

Perfumes for men over 50 years old are perfumes with strong character. They are suitable for men who have lived several lives, use different perfumes and want to remain attractive, beautiful.

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani
Perfume for a 50-year-old man - Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

At 60, of course

60-year-old men are still held by three old houses Guerlain. Maybe Vetiver, red dress Where Inheritance, you can’t go wrong giving these perfumes to a 60 year old man. But these 60-year-old men can turn to modern, original perfumes such as For Monsieur de Chanel. This is not new but a safe way, a fresh and floral fragrance for those who love beauty and freshness.

Sometimes, Kouros oYves Saint Laurentreleased in 1981. It remains the fragrance of the “living god”. A*Men by Thierry Mugler the base is better and richer, very strong with its aroma of vanilla, cocoa, coffee mixed with patchouli and tonka bean. A good choice for the brave sixties!

60-year-old men often hesitate to change their perfume, but they are tempted by other safe bets or some new products.

Habit Rouge by Guerlain
Perfume for a 60-year-old man - Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Wise at 70

From some years, the choice of perfume is like “definitive”. Men are no longer willing to change unless it’s for the exact same scent. However, new fragrances are still popular, eau de toilette eau de toilette or Eau de Cologne forever. Then we choose theEau Sauvage by Dior, a new and very beautiful way. This is also the case of theWater Rochas for Men, it is a very popular time.

The 70-year-old man wants to return to his best memories without turning his back on the search for new fragrances. Of course we got it It belongs to man o Because we are it’s one of those fragrances we can’t forget. Created in the 1930s, when there were very few fragrances for men, it adds freshness with ease. A true gentleman’s fragrance as he was one of the first to include flowers in a men’s fragrance. more recently, Gentlemen Only o Givenchy it is very beautiful, unique and bright. We can tell Azzaro for Men by Azzarowhich is worn by one in three men in the world… It is the fragrance of men who are attractive and virile.

The 70-year-old continues to love his popular songs. This does not prevent him from appreciating new things.

It belongs to the people of Karon
Perfume for a 70 year old man - Pour un Homme de Caron

A fragrance for 80 year old men

These octogenarians are loyal to their past with theCologne 4711 i’Original tobacco Eau de Toilette or for Lalique Lion Man embodying high beauty.

They do not refuse to try Monsieur de Guerlain’s wristwatch or what is popular now Burberry For Men by Burberrywhich evokes all the beauty of the English countryside.

The 80-year-old man was attracted to fine perfumes, which marked his life.

Burberry is for men
Perfume for the 80 year old man - Burberry for men

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