Spain has announced the list for 4 teams, including the world, Euro Juniors

The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) has announced the lists for the quartet of teams for 2022: the World Junior Championships, European Junior Championships, Mediterranean Games, and the European Youth Olympic Festival.

Mediterranean cuisine

A wide company is the biggest list in Spain for this summer so far. The event will be held in Spain from July 1-5, immediately following the World Championships, in Oran, Spain.

As a host company, Spain attaches great importance to this public sporting event. In the last edition in 2018, a Spanish roster that included Mireia Belmonte, Hugo Gonzalez, Lidon Munoz, Melani Costa, and some other fine Spanish swimmers came in with 5 gold and 26 total medals. They were listed behind Italy in the overall medal tally.



  • Javier Arauz – CN Gredos San Diego (100 hope)
  • Alex Castejon – CN Sabadell (400 IM, 200 umauma)
  • Luis Dominguez – EM El Olivar (100/200 manuahi)
  • Albert Escrits – CN Sant Andreu (1500 manuahi)
  • Miguel Martinez – Real Boat (200 flights)
  • Manuel Martos – CN Sabadell (50 hope)
  • Diego Mira – CN Sabadell (100/200 hope)
  • Mario Molla Yanes – CN Terrassa (100 lele)
  • Carlos Quijada – Waa Maoli (400/800 free
  • Juan Segura – Madrid NC (50 free, 50 free)

By Relay

  • 400 women’s free games
  • 800 women’s free games
  • 400 female relay medley
  • 400 free games for men
  • 800 free games for men
    • Luis Dominguez
    • Mario Mollas
    • Carlos Guijada
    • Cesar Castro
  • 400 medley relay kanaka

World Junior Swimming Championships

Spain has been shortlisted for the 2022 World Junior Swimming Championships, as the list will be finalized after the Spanish Championships in Sabadell in July.

The 2022 World Junior Championships will run from August 30 to September 4, 2022. It was initially delayed by the COVID-19 disease, and then the team was withdrawn from Kazan, Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Most high -scoring nations, including the United States, left the competition for another competition.

Spain has done well with this team in history. In 2019, they won 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal at No. 7 on the medal table. The country is in all 8 times in medals with 24 medals in the first 7 rounds of the tournament.

All four swimmers named to this team are now named to another youth team for the summer. Estella Tonath two are called.


  • Emma Carrasco – CN Sant Andreu
  • Maria Ramos – CD Gredos San Diego
  • Estella Tonrath – C Campusesport


  • Carlos Garach Benito – CN Churriana

European Swimming Championships

The 2022 European Junior Championships will be held from June 27th-July 10th, with the swimming section scheduled for July 5th-10th.

The meeting is held almost every year, even though the 2020 phase has been eliminated by the COVID-19 disease. Prior to that, it had been held annually since 1982.

Spain won two medals by meeting last year to finish 15th in the overall medal tally. Carmen Wieler won gold in the back 50 and Paula Otero won bronze in the 1500 freestyle.

Included in this list is one of the only young people to pull three duties this summer: Estella Tonrath. She will swim at World Juniors, European Juniors, and the European Youth Olympic Festival.


  • Marta Carmona – CN Albacete
  • Emma Carrasco – CN Sant Andreu
  • Carla Carron – CN Arzua
  • Cristina Ciobanu – CD Nados Castellon
  • Sydney Leblic – CD El Valle
  • Maria Ramos – CD Gredos San Diego
  • Estella L Tonrath – C Campusesport


  • Nacho Campos – CD Nados Castellon
  • Guillermo Carrey – EM El Olivar
  • Ian Florencio – CN Esplugues
  • Carlos Garach – CN Shurriana
  • Marcelino Jimenez – CN Cartagonova Cartagena

European Olympics

The 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival will be held from July 24-30 at Banksa Bystrica, Slovakia. The two-year sports event was held every two years from 1991 to 2019 before the COVID-19 disease program was extended to the 2021 to 2022 event.

In 2019, Spain won one medal, a bronze from Carmen Weiler in the 100 freestyle. Weiler is now out of the World Championship for 2022. Russia’s departure in 2022, which led the world with 14 gold and 18 medals, should open up more medals for the rest of the field this year.

Spain will send 8 boys and 8 girls to the team, an increase from the 13 they sent to the team in 2019.


  • Maria Daza – CD Gredos San Diego
  • Nahia Garrido – Tolosaldea
  • Noa Martin Argente-CN Ferca-San Jose
  • Sara Mendoza – CN San Blas
  • Claudio Munoz – CN Caldes
  • Nayara Pineda – CN Torrelago Wellness
  • Jimena Ruiz – CD Gredos San Diego
  • Estella L. Tonrath – C Campusesport


  • Nil Cadevall – CN Sant Andreu
  • Teo Del Riego – CN Torrelavega
  • Javier Lopez – CN Inca
  • Adrian Martinez – CN Alcala
  • Lucas Rodriguez – CD Swim Granada
  • Marti Rosell – CN Tarraco
  • Marcos Sanchez – CDN Sanlucar
  • Pablo Vargas – CD Natacion Cordoba

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