Micah Parsons of the Cowboys looks to break the NFL sack record in 2022: ‘minimum fifteen’ for second year

Micah Parsons isn’t just one of the best young players in the NFL. He is also one of the budding ambassadors for the best video game in the NFL. After months of teaming up with Vikings star Justin Jefferson to win the “Madden NFL 22” Pro Bowl, the Cowboys pass rusher in Los Angeles is wrapping up production in a new commercial for this year’s “Madden NFL 23”.

Ahead of the release of “Madden NFL 23” on August 19 and his return to the field for the Cowboys training camp, the Defensive Rookie of the Year holder spoke with CBS Sports about his partnership with “Madden” and the expectations for 2022 and NFC East competitions:

Can you tease your part in this “Madden” ad? Would you be a good fit for that?

Parsons: I will do two things to enhance my abilities and increase my ratings a bit (in “Madden”). I’ll wear a little uniform. Just tell people to be prepared, and if you’re in franchise mode, pick No. 11 for the Dallas Cowboys in the first round.

Are you anticipating any future gigs after this commercial?

Parsons: I do. I do. I definitely see myself on TV. People say I’ve got a TV smile, and a TV face, so I’m ready to test my acting skills. With acting and clearly broadcasting a game, I just want to be around the game for as long as possible.

I’ve been around Madden for a while. Who is your favorite team when you play?

Parsons: I would say maybe the Packers players, just because their defense is really good in the game. packages or facebook.

Which midfielder is the best to play with?

Parsons: Either (Patrick) Mahomes or Lamar (Jackson).

What about Dak Prescott?

Parsons: I would say, in the game, he’s definitely the top 10 midfield player in the game.

What do you think about bringing back the late ‘Madden’ John Madden on the cover of this year’s game?

Parsons: You know, I thought it was pretty cool, not just because he’s gone – RIP – but when you love the game, you understand why John is the cover of the game. He (did) do everything in his power to stay around and love the game and even help others understand the game. It has made many people around the world love the game. For ‘Madden’ to do that, that was a great thing for them, because of how much we love this game, not just in real life but online with friends. I think this year’s Madden just represents the love of the game, putting John on the cover, because that’s what it’s all about.

Have you had a chance to play “Madden NFL 23” yet?

Parsons: I played the trial version. I think this would be a better match, definitely defensively. Offense is definitely a little bit harder to play this year, but as a defensive player I like that you can’t just rely on cliched plays and things like that to be good at the game. It will definitely be skill-based, which was not the case last year; It was like that, who could throw it so deep?

What exactly stood out in terms of defensive play being better?

Parsons: This (new feature) FieldSENSE, zones are much better, people understand where they are supposed to be in the field, and the way they can grab roads.

And what are your odds of being the cover athlete for next year’s “Madden”?

Parsons: Oh man, I’m not sure, I’ve heard of this Madden curse. But man, the Madden Cover would be a dream come true. Seeing some of the greatest players coming to this cover would be a dream come true.

In terms of your real football career, how do you deal with high expectations after your stellar junior season?

Parsons: I only take the blessings that God has given me. I don’t feel like I need to reach anyone’s expectations but mine. If I can live with it, I can deal with it. I’ll go out there and play my game. I don’t want to go out there chasing nobody’s story, I have to do something, and that’s what got me here and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.

But do you have any numbers on your mind for 2022, after hitting 13 sacks as a rookie?

Parsons: Yes, 15 is like the minimum. 15 is what I want to hit. But certainly 23 is that goal, to break the record.

Meanwhile, your Cowboys have the least amount of bets among the NFC East teams to win the division. What is your reaction to that?

Parsons: I don’t care, because we overlooked last year. This only comes with the game. We’re just going to focus on the last 52, 53 of the Dallas Cowboys in that room and get better every week. We just have to control how you get better each week, and hopefully you lose your money.

Among these competitors in the NFC East, which of the Eagles, Giants and Leaders looks the toughest in 2022?

Parsons: I think they all had a really good competition. I mean, this is the NFL. It will come down to those who can implement it.

Which of the QBs are the easiest competitors to dismiss?

Parsons: I don’t think any of it is very easy. It’s really hard. I mean, (Carson) Wentz went back to class and he wasn’t there. I never touched Daniel Jones either. Never touch Daniel Jones. I think he hurt our game and didn’t play at all after that. And after that, I didn’t play it with Wentz. We touched (Galen) Hurts a little bit, but I got COVID the last game. To be honest, these guys are really new to me.

Final question: Who has more big plays this year, you or Tryvon Diggs?

Parsons: Ok I’m. I told Tre I might lead the team in shots this year. We didn’t get any money for it, but I was really training my hands this year to get my hands on this year’s picks.

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