Will the Tailteann lift go up and down?

By Cavanman’s Diary

At Croke Park on Sunday, the driver said something interesting. He may have been high on the news that Hollywood star Bill Murray was going hurling the day before, but when I walked in, he said, “Nothing famous today.”

Before I could answer, he said again: “There is nothing wrong with yourself, you can be famous in your field.”

I saw my opening. “Yes, I’m not a farmer, haha!” I joked, stubbornly. He didn’t find it and looked at me in confusion. After a complete silence while 20 seconds lay in the Seventh Grade for hours.

It was another small change but then it was kind of giddy of a day. On the field, although all four teams struggled, there was plenty of football in the two semi-finals. Outside of that, there was something new and the crowd was excited.

In Virginia, there were ten or more gathered in the parking lot, and when we arrived at Jones Street, we were not well received by the blue sea, but by a large fishpond.

The official turnout of 16,500, then, was a bit of a waste when it was announced. It compares well with going to the Sam Maguire double-header qualifier on the field this time around but it’s a terrible thing. At noon on Friday, the GAA reported sales of 9,100, with great excitement, but the numbers didn’t swell much from there, with Cavan supporters reportedly waiting for the result.

That’s a terrible game to play when it comes to this Cavan team, he can keep up the pace with the best of them but he doesn’t have the high running speed and he can work out the front.

So again on the Sabbath. Cavan climbed six points with the old football but after arguing the pacy Sligo team and the mobile took well to Croke Park, shooting. Good performances from Jason McLoughlin and Gerry Smith, as well as some great plays from Gearoid McKiernan, helped Cavan on the line and Mickey Graham later saw that the experience was important.

It’s interesting to see the hype around the county from construction to completion. Normally, for the last Ulster or All-Ireland U21 final, Cavan has been seen eight times in the last 34 years, the county, as a matter of fact, go doo- lally.

This is the government’s end but it probably won’t take the usual madness now; Fans were right to take this competition for granted, even though it was advertised in some parts of the media, where the contesting counties were sometimes shown to be unsure of the owner of the Tailteann medal. Cup of sun, moon and stars.

In the Sabbath Saving On the morning of the game, Colm O’Rourke wrote: “It is neither an honor nor an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most important days of the entire tournament year.

“The Tailteann Cup semi -finals, with four small counties – Cavan (although they don’t agree), Sligo, Westmeath and Offaly – playing at Croke Park may not look like a bean to the eyes. many people but this is more than a little different.

“First of all, they’re playing in their fifth tournament so there’s a bit of work under the hat, if not finished before. I don’t know much about the stats but I think they’ve probably played. “One of these, except for Cavan, who played five tournaments a year? And the winners today will play six. Maybe Cavan did it again in the 1940s or ’50s…”

Number one thing but the fact is something else or the Meath story, which is the voice of reason and common sense, is not included at this time. In fact, Cavan has played five tournaments or more in one season seven times in the last 25 years. It’s normal to disagree with someone reading that column.

In the Manawa Irish A few weeks ago, author Kevin McStay said Cavan and Leitrim were counties that had not been defeated by the provincial system, indicating that Leitrim had won four games. at the Connacht Championship since 1994. Kevin didn’t care to say that. Cavan has won 23 Ulster tournaments at the same time, reaching five goals and winning two. You can’t have it either way …

The GAA should be commended for releasing the Tailteann Cup from a PR standout – the two best games recorded on RTE film – and for fixing the semi -finals and final for Croke Park. However, the large crowd on Sunday indicated that, going forward, a smaller county was more appropriate.

After a long hiatus, Cavan has played a lot at Croke Park in recent years. From 1997 to 2007, the county didn’t have access to it, at least in any field of football. As a result, a Division 2 league semi-final against Roscommon was recorded there and it really looked like it was going to happen.

Paul Brady was the all-time leading scorer on the team at the time and for playing in the All-Ireland Senior Doubles that day in Limerick; The excitement of the lineup at HQ, Cavan won by playing handball early in the morning so he could go to the capital. No one dared to give up time to go to the sacred turf.

In the years to come, the brightness may be a little less, for supporters. The U21s played there in 2011, the seniors played in the All-Ireland qualifier against London and the quarterfinals against Kerry there in 2013, the Lions results in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and with an All-Ireland semi-final, even after substitutes. by 2020.

The final will be played in the bottom leg of the All-Ireland SFC semi-final and can be reserved for tickets. In itself, a marketplace; the game becomes an event and when supplies are reduced, demand increases. Everyone is building hype.

Did you win the Tailteann Cup? Now, very good.

The teams worked hard, the team did a good job of promoting it, but it was always wrong. Coaching and other things are beneficial but it’s hard to see how teams like Cavan will improve in the long run by playing on the lower sides. To climb a ladder – or an elevator, mind you – you have to look up, of course, not down.

And the differences continue, despite the same consequences. If the winner can say they are the best 17th page in Ireland at worst, well, there are teams in it that haven’t been in the ass voice of that position for years. years. If there are long -term competitions, three is better.

The fear is that, with the current situation, there will always be a team or two that is best for him and the ones that will benefit the most – “take the competition around the neck and enjoy it somewhere. beautiful and beautiful summer. ”, as Larry McCarthy predicted – not good enough.

Of course, Cavan and Westmeath have put their best foot forward and they’re taking what they can from it, right. They are looking at this competition to end it; while the victory was glorious, their high hopes were sure that they would not remain in that place any longer. And that said a lot.

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