Australia vs England series. David Campese column, Ella-Mobbs Trophy

It’s good news that Rugby Australia is starting to see the legendary players and the style of the game from the 1980s, with the new Ella-Mobbs Trophy replacing the Cook Cup for the Wallabies-England series this year. month.

I was very lucky to play with Mark, Glen and Gary Ella when I was a kid and they played a big part in strengthening my career and encouraging me to play some kind of heart racing rugby.

The famous Australian Schoolboys team changed the mindset of rugby and produced many Wallabies who started playing the best running football in the world at the time.

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There are 10 Wallabies coming in that team – including all the Ellas. To put him on the scene, coach Wally Lewis often struggled to break the line-up and the team ended up without a win in a 16-match tour of Europe and Japan. The best side of Australian school children of all time.

Sure before most players and coaches were good but changing the way we played the game like we did in the 80s and early 90s was a responsibility and a time to be. reminiscent of rugby fans with affection.

In addition to Lewis and the Ella brothers, the Wallabies coming up on that side are schoolboys Michael O’Connor, Tony Melrose, Michael Hawker, Chris Roche, Tony D’Arcy, Shane Nightingale and Dominic Vaughan.

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The Premiership final at Twickenham featured more than 100 goals in the regular season. I don’t think Eddie Jones would agree with this. We need to entertain the fans.

But Eddie just wanted to win, to win Australia. He was under pressure as England had lost five of the Six Nations this year. He didn’t like Australia even though he was fired as Wallabies coach that day.

He is not here to receive us. He had no idea he was going to win. But how do we play against English football? Looking at the nature of the game, we have some really good outdoor backs.

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We had to make the right moments for our wings and we had two good finishers, Marika Koroibete and Tom Wright. Andrew Kellaway also testified that he is a good finisher so why don’t we get back to doing the wide ones? The British did not want to travel all the time so they were heavily burdened.

And instead of kicking a full back all the time, why not jump in the air and try and do more for us? We have some first time winners in Super Rugby and we need to go out there and use our energy. Don’t give away property, think about them, don’t just hit and hit.

We have some really good runners, Michael Hooper is a strong character so come back for more. We have to compete to be hungry and hungry to have it. The hungrier a group is held captive, the greater the demand and the greater the punishment they have to offer.

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If you look at the Super Rugby final, the Crusaders played the kind of game we played in the 80s. They supported themselves, they put the ball in the air, just kicked the ball. when they need and have the confidence, knowledge, selflessness and flair to play a serious game.

Australian rugby, if we want to be committed to moving forward against other codes, we need to strengthen the players and do the basics right at all times. We need to entertain. If you entertain people they will come to see.

I want to know what kind of game Dave Rennie is trying to play. We’ve got some really good young talent and I think they’ll try and leave this kind of pod action that came out in New Zealand years ago and we’re trying to play it wrong.

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It’s important to choose the team to go to a Rugby World Cup next year.

Having teams is important at this stage. Quade Cooper is back, he is a good player and with his knowledge, flair and inexperience, players need to start giving him options. He can’t do everything for everyone and that is one of the things we have learned in our era.

Imagine what’s to come, go and start coming out – passes stick and trials come. The game is much simpler.


There is some tough rugby to come but if you want to be the best you have to play well. Last year’s Super Rugby tournament showed we weren’t in a good position but this year we are starting to get better and I think we will continue to move forward.

Maybe in the future we can go back to three Australian teams in Super Rugby so you have included all the good players.

We will compete harder against the Kiwis and the Wallabies will be stronger.

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I think in this English team the coaches allow the players to play and make mistakes. That’s what I do to teach the kids and it’s very important for the players of this generation.

The only way they can be better is to try different things if they are allowed to do so. It’s a good time to set the stage for next year’s World Cup.

We need to entertain the public and Australian supporters are waiting for a new golden age of boxing. I would love to hear comments from rugby fans about their views on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

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