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In the The approach Free business, more and more news is flowing into the NBA microcosm and putting players in the dark. Lastly some players. For a very talented young All-Star, the news is more exciting than anything else. It’s hot to watch a trip.

The NBA is a league that never sleeps. Just days after the Warriors ’successful win over the Celtics in the Finals, everything moved on. With the Draft this Friday and the Free Agency moving soon, leaders are considering a variety of ways to improve workers.

For example, the Blazers have opened up competition in the transfer market by pulling one of the most sought after players in the league, and all for little. The stability of Damian Lillard the latter can pay off, and after some tough and humiliating seasons, the leader may have a chance to regain the heights of the Western Conference.

Is Dejounte Murray in Atlanta? Must be an All-Star!

Aside from this XXL trade, other rumors are irritating the lion. For example, Kyrie Irving can be found to be against all odds, a the Lakers are eager to offer his services. Changing the status quo can cause the resignation of Kevin Durant of the Nets, he was the one who entered the franchise for his best friend. In the East, too, a team can hit hard with a big All-Star. The latter was very interested, he explained on Twitter:

Spurs are listening to offers from several franchises for Dejounte Murray, and they are telling officials they need an offer similar to what the Pelicans received for Jrue Holiday. The most serious discussion was with the Hawks, and John Collins was going somewhere else. The two franchises began negotiations after the last day of the last trade in February.

Dejounte Murray, a young All-Star who has had 21.1 points, 9.2 rebounds and 8.3 rebounds this season, took the popcorns after getting the wind of the news sending him ia in Atlanta. It has to be said that it would be better for him to go into playoffs with a player like Trae Young on his side than a franchise like the Spurs, coming at the end of the round. . It remains to be seen if the leaders will be more confident in agreeing in the hours to come.

In Atlanta, Dejounte Murray was able to form some of the best NBA duos with Trae Young, which is very exciting. This combination of speed, error and defense poses many challenges for other franchises…

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