After Irving, the big shot in the future is Kevin Durant!

The only team swept away in the last few games, the Nets have seen a lot of turmoil this summer. And a few days after announcing Kyrie Irving’s intention to leave, this is the case of Kevin Durant coming to send a shock wave in the NBA world …

3 years ago, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving also landed in Brooklyn, with the same goal: to hold the rings and make sure they could win without LeBron James, Steph Curry and others. But as soon as the 2022 free agent opened its doors, it became clear that everything was wrong or wrong for this Nets team, humiliated during the last few games after a season that turned into a circus in one time.

In this context, Irving began to express his desire to leave, as talks with the Brooklyn front office were underway. Of course, if Uncle Drew leaves the Nets, the question of KD’s future will be the biggest problem ahead. And some answers came this Thursday evening.

Kevin Durant is considering quitting

According to Shams Charania, who fired the shot, the Warriors ’former player is starting to consider the possibility of leaving the Nets. The back -to -back start was even better for Irving and KD in the summer.

Sources: Kevin Durant is considering his position with the Nets and considering options for his future.

This provides a way for Kyrie Irving to find a new team by raising her selection and marketing.

So the news of last week’s trails is confirmed: if Kyrie Irving he decided to take the ankles off in the coming days, as if KD might pack his bags. Then there will be Ben Simmons, with the fees returned, in order to start a new project and forget about a big fiasco for the Irving/Durant era.

We’re not sure there, and it’s a fake poker game of two co -workers, they can increase the pressure so the Nets leaders can give Irving the deal. to him. However, the threat is real, even though Kyrie has written a list of franchises that she would like to play when she leaves… LeBron James entered.

3 years after the arrival of the Kyrie Irving – Kevin Durant duo in Brooklyn, the two men could be leaving New York in the summer, leaving a very tragic story behind them. The soap industry isn’t finished with the excitement in the summer…

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