Winning Uganda will be a challenge for the World Cup Qualification, Simbas coach Odera said

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 21 – Kenya 15s head coach Paul Odera has made his demands to host every match of the 2023 Africa Rugby World Cup Qualifier as Simbas takes on Uganda in the run. the last quarter scheduled for July 2 in France. .

Kenya, 35th in the world has seen an easy path to the finish on paper, where if they beat Uganda’s 52nd teammates, Algeria will be 90th or Senegal will be waiting for 45th in the final. semi-final, but Odera said. Capital Markets they intend to play in time.

The other route is a tough one where African defending champions Namibia (level 24) will face Burkina Faso (level 91) in the next quarter with the winner securing a day with Zimbabwe (level 34th). ) or Ivory Coast (42nd level) at. the last half.

“We don’t have an easy path to the end, we have to navigate this path, our goal against Uganda is how we approach this qualifier because if we don’t win them then we went to the time of Uganda.playing Kenya they bring everything, whether they are talented players or not, so we are very clear, the Ugandan game lastly, we want to leave that game with half the team injured, ”Odera said.

“We’re not going forward on our own, we’re playing one game at a time, this year the team is coming together we’ve had two good months to prepare, we’ve played high -end games we could change the players, but the design and the system continued to be what became a challenge for the Simbas.

Kenya 15s head coach Paul Odera talks to Capital FM Sports Director Alex Isaboke. Kii/MOSES MUOKI

With Odera’s main focus on his show after he was appointed head coach on May 30, 2019, making Kenya its first World Cup, former Chipu player has returned. hopes after leading the team in the Currie Cup First Division where. They finished number 8 on the 10-team log, winning three games.

Two of the games were played in Kenya for the first time and the Odera boys did not disappoint the fans, beating the Leopards 51-35 before returning 17-0 to win. in Elephants Eastern Province 41-24.

Odera praised the team’s three -month high -level preparations in South Africa, playing the Elephants, and told his players to take that fighting spirit to the World Cup Qualifiers.

“I’m happy that the fans’ attention has been returned to the Simbas because the players are playing for them, it’s not a guarantee, but now we have a good chance to come, “said Odera. We’ve played well in the two Currie Cup games we’ve hosted, especially against the Elephants, coming out 17-0 and winning, that’s the kind of mindset we want to keep in mind. France, ”said Odera.

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Paul Odera leads Kenya Simbas’ head training ahead of the African World Cup Qualifiers in France. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYA

The coach is a deep -seated team of a combination of youth and experience, with former Kenya 7s star Collins Injera showing off the game against the Elephants where his critics have been wrong.

“Collo (Collins Injera) and I talked at the beginning of the year, I asked him, if he could offer Kenya to do the World Cup, he thought about it and he said try, because and with us from February, the only reason he didn’t come to South Africa was because of work and the only reason he didn’t play against the Leopards was because “family teachers, so he’s been in the whole system. He’s a good player so why give up a talent,” Odera said in Injera.

-Owila ho’i mai-

Kenya Simbas flanker Martin Owillah speaks with Capital FM Sports Editor Alex Isaboke. Kii/MOSES MUOKI

Returning to the national team scheduled for the first time since 2019, Martin Owillah is confident the team will have what it takes to make history in Kenya by entering the World Cup, because , their readiness is adequate compared to 2014.

Owillah, who was featured for KCB RFC, joined the team after a family reunion, he was one of the players featured in the 2014 World Cup Qualifier, where Kenya lost 27-10 to Zimbabwe in a round-robin manner.

“We are climbing to a higher level with 15 years to improve our coach Paul (Odera), given the best preparations we have, we are not just thinking about qualifying for the World Cup, we are we’re thinking of a sustainable move, ”Owillah said. Capital Markets.

“We take every game very seriously, we know it’s not easy against Uganda, our neighbors and it’s a derby, but we take every game at a time and the we think now against Uganda. ” Man 8 has been added.

“The young people who came on board are good, they are happy, they are going well, and they are driving the game, and if time continues, we will be far away. Now that we don’t swear, we’ve done our preparation and the team is happy. ”

The team began training on Monday this week (June 20, 2022) with coach Odera signing his last tour of 28 players.


Kenya Simbas player Samuel Asati prepares for the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers in France. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYA

Currently, Kenya Simbas is soliciting funds from well -wishers and businesses to raise Ksh10 million to boost their preparedness.

“I am asking Kenyans to help us with our public fund group that Dicky Evans started, we need 10 million shillings because we have spent all our money in South Africa and if we don’t “learn from this weekend to play Uganda. It’s hard, I ask this, Simbas, boys need you,” Odera asked.

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Owillah expressed his coaching opinion; “We are looking for your help. We have more supporters we need for the World Cup and we are going to make sure that every contribution you bring to the table will not be in vain. , It won’t be because we’re giving our best, and they’re ready.

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