the uncertainty of the first choice, the giant Holmgren intrigues

The 76th NBA draft, Friday, looked unconcerned, lanky giant Chet Holmgren threatening to fire strong winger Jabari Smith a former, asset of the Orlando Magic, looking for a savior. According to various predictions, this new cuvée will be marked by a large crowd, with three ponds expected to be on the podium.

Jabari Smith (2.08m) is ranked number one, the first player on the Auburn campus to have an outside shot and the fence at his side. During a press conference, this son of a former NBA player was proud of his “weight can be on both sides of the pitch“. He will come to strengthen an Orlando team that decided to rebuild in the summer of 2021 and was declared, last year, the second worst signing in the Company. But, surprisingly some people are talking about his dribbling or his desire to get close, and in recent days, the environment has been much happier for Chet Holmgren, whose mindset is.

This pole of 2.13 m, but only 88 kg, which came out in a season with the University of Gonzaga, shows a great deal of versatility for a player of its size. “I have never found one like itHost Jamie Dixon (Texas Christian University), who coached him with the American U19s, world champions last summer. “No man has gotten his size to play like that from the racket.»

Swiss bus

In terms of technology, he’s kind of Kevin Durant, even though he’s not Kevin Durant.Dare James Jones (Yale), is Jamie Dixon’s assistant with the U19s. “The NBA has become an outsider, so I think he can go around the corner and shoot three cups.“Penny Hardaway, Penny Hardaway, a current Memphis coach, compares her to Kevin Garnett, another”Seven feet»(Players of 2.13 and above) with Swiss sword skills.

His physical questions, however, Jamie Dixon believes “It won’t get much weight“Even after he joined the NBA, it could be done in the uniform of the Oklahoma City Thunder (second choice) or the Houston Rockets (third), if Orlando loses his time. MVPs The last two, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic, have excellent, ultra-versatile interiors, but with a larger body, according to Dirk Nowitzki.From Kristaps Porzingis to Ralph Sampson, there are many examples of skinny giants whose careers have been cut short by frequent injuries and Chet Holmgren’s critical playing style is another problem.

Do magic

Although she is not strong, she plays with the body, she wants to be in a relationshipwatch Jamie Dixon. “He will not turn back.“For the NBA franchise, the film becomes every year, it’s a much easier magic trick, because most American players have only been to a college tournament once, but never gone. there.

More and more football players are looking to get into the NBA training system, a two -year period that has brought together top scorers in a specific G League team, his defense team. Others who choose a path to a business company outside the United States are at a difficult level to evaluate at times.

In this context, it is possible that the third of the rockers in this film, Paolo Banchero (2.08 m), could benefit from Duke’s old Lake, the third choice was announced but sometimes more height in predictions. The solid body, provided with the best coaches, is a good passer, even a quarterback in high school who is often portrayed as the player who will have the immediate impact on his team. Among other surprises, young Frenchman Ousmane Dieng (2.08m), announced in the top 20, who came out of a season in the Australian league NBL, where he finished strong after of a difficult beginning.


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