“The group didn’t like Steph. She told them to leave.”

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in history today, a man who changed the game with his long shots… But that wasn’t always the case, and in his younger days, the guard had lae o Warriors. it is over get a strong wind. He did not forget it and it was shown with the words of money.

After the new Warriors title and his first MVP Finals title, Stephen Curry he can list himself among the best players of all time. To some experts, he was better than Magic Johnson as the greatest guard in history, and to others, he was carved out of the Top 10 of the NBA.

And this job is even better when you know where the Chef came from. No, it doesn’t come from any different source LeBron James or Kevin Durant, whose father was a famous NBA player who helped democratize 3-point shooting… But in his younger days, it didn’t matter to him, and after good years in the NCAA, he chose Is ranked 7th only in the Draft, behind Ricky Rubio…

Stephen Curry was disqualified by Duke in the NCAA

This “chaotic” class, or at a great distance from the usual routes, had to add value to the collective units and each one won by the leader of the Soldiers. In addition, in recent days, the media has returned to the path followed by Stephen Curry in his career, and his father, Dell, and partner Rex Chapman have reported to the company. which he hated most in the earth. The network Short News comments in a large article:

Dell Curry: When she was in high school, Steph dreamed of coming to play for Duke, and my friend Rex Chapman used her website to give Coach K information. as a student, he did not ask. for academic school! The next day we received a denial and Steph was dating Davidson. He exploded at the NCAA level and by the end of his freshman year, everyone wanted to sign him.

Rex Chapman: A lot of people at Duke ask me for Dell’s number to get Steph to come. So I called Dell to tell him the Blue Devils were in trouble, but Kentucky and the other big names, and I remember his response the other day: “Steph told me he didn’t want to. These colleges have him in high school, Duke. They don’t want to receive him as a 15 -year -old player, now he’s the one who doesn’t like them. he told me they could all argue with themselves. ”

Stephen Curry had a dream in his youth: to wear the Duke jersey to the NCAA. Unfortunately for her, she was rejected when she left high school, even though her relationships have not forgotten this denial. So when the Blue Devils came back next season to tempt him, he made it an honor to send them on a ride … A well -paid option, even with this determination and this desire to give them offense, changes the NBA.

If the Duke’s leaders had known that the King was lost today, they would not have doubted it heart pick her up when she leaves high school … But is Steph strong in an honorary team? Nothing less.

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