Chesterfield Sports Complex joins Bradley Beal Elite as football club operator


Bradley Beal Elite (BBE), the Midwest -sponsored NIKE -sponsored team with some of the nation’s best players, has vowed to become a ball sponsor for the Chesterfield Sports Complex. BBE recruits young men and women U13 and U17 football players for geography and school lessons.

“We are thrilled to have one of the elite football teams in the country, Bradley Beal Elite/St. Louis Eagles, as a baseball coach. The Chesterfield Sports Complex will be home to the nation’s premier volleyball team and elite volleyball team, High Performance, ”said Stuart Duncan, President of the Chesterfield Sports Association. “The two teams that are seen in the country will help with the difficulty to enter the local and national competitions to enter St. Louis.

“We look forward to working with the Chesterfield Sports Association, the St. Louis local community and the Midwest region to increase the potential of this amazing facility,” said Tim Holloway, President of Bradley Beal Elite / St. . The Louis Eagles baseball team. “Over the years, we’ve built good relationships with high schools and boys’ and girls ’groups to train our work, so we’re looking forward to finding another good place to work. and to increase our ability to serve the youth of the land and to continue to grow in the sport and the young men and women in our team. Let’s jump high! “

The Chesterfield Sports Complex, being built in Chesterfield Valley, will open in the first quarter of 2023.


The Chesterfield Sports Association has completed its purchase of a 10.87 -acre plot of land at 150 N. Eatherton Road in the Chesterfield Valley for its future St. Louis home.

The 97,000-square-foot building welcomes about 900,000 visitors each year. Keystone Construction Company began construction on the site in preparation for construction. Mia Rose Holdings is the developer. The project team expects an early opening in 2023.

Original Story: State of the Art Indoor Volleyball and Basketball Complex Coming to Chesterfield

The Chesterfield Sports Association and one of the largest volleyball and basketball teams in the St. Louis area. . The 97,000 -square -foot school has a permit in Chesterfield Valley on Eatherton Road near St. Louis. Louis Premium Outlets.

Although it is the largest youth volleyball and basketball center in St. Louis. More than 1,000 players train, practice and play games there every week. Construction will begin this fall 2021 and open in September 2022.

The Chesterfield Sports Association (CSA), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, will use and maintain the facility, which will fill a significant need for a courtroom in St. Louis.

“This is more than a sports center, it’s a‘ living ’center where these young people can call home,” said Stuart Duncan, Director at Chesterfield Sports Association. “By giving young basketball and volleyball players a place to play their sport, our mission is to give them a place to have confidence, confidence, self -esteem and good health. “

Former tenants and partners:

  • High Performance – STLthe largest baseball team in the country with more than 1,000 players, 90 teams and 10,000 competitors annually;
  • Stratman excelsthe largest team volleyball tournament and youth league organizer in the country hosting over 600 teams each season;
  • Missouri Phenom Basketball, is a youth development team in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League circuit with 40 teams in Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield and St. Louis.
  • CNR kinipopo, the largest basketball league organizer in the country, which organizes over 12,000 games each year and hosts league games and tournaments during the winter, spring, summer and fall. CNRs were 85% more active within 25 minutes of further exacerbation.

“Missouri Phenom Basketball is critical to the development of youth on and off the field,” said Brittany Carter, Director of Missouri Phenom Basketball. “We pride ourselves on building character and leadership from the grassroots level. This office allows us to have a place to call ourselves and continue to grow not only the Phenom family, but the community as well.

Nine volleyball courts as shown in the photo, left, will be converted into 18 volleyball courts and equipped with an Olympic level floor, professional LED lights and HD/4K photo booths. Additional benefits include a physical activity area; multipurpose rooms for meeting rooms, meetings, and classes; Comfortable sitting on the side of the courtyard and from a mezzanine of the second floor; rest areas and permits. Mw Weber Architects is the designer. Keystone Construction Company and civil engineer Stock & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc. major contractors.

The school provides youth sports services and facilities to develop sports students to reach their full potential. CSA plans to work with local organizations to provide health and community health programs and partner with physical therapists and orthopedic specialists to help train and train athletes.

“We have a strong sports history in St. Louis with great things for professional athletes, but we’re one of the worst cities for young people in it,” said Scott Mebruer, Director of the Association at High Performance – STL Volleyball Club. “This is the only factory in St. Louis. Every factory was different, not meant for volleyball or basketball. This will have a stronger impact on many more people than our sports teams. “

While 80% of the trial time is currently used by former partners, more than 10,000 hours of trial time are available each year. CSA is in talks with key colleges and other organizations to contribute to the day’s program. The Chesterfield Sports Association is looking for partners and donors who are dedicated to growing and supporting young people in St. Louis. In addition to hosting volleyball and basketball courts, campgrounds, leagues and tournaments, the building can be used for pickleball, futsal, boxing, dance, fun and other sports. when a place is available.

“This game will be a center of fun, community life and economic development. Found in St. Louis is the world’s youngest sports club that deserves it, ”said Tom Kaimain, CEO of Mia Rose Holdings (MRH).“ I am honored to be a part of this group of sports teams and help the implementation of this critical information for Chesterfield and St. Louis. Louis. “In addition to developing many families together, MRH has a strong niche developing and consulting for athletes, with the Maryville University Hockey Center in Chesterfield Valley. This knowledge has grown. thanks to Kaiman’s professional hockey career.

Most of the football facilities in St. Louis are used. Louis by private and public schools and local governments. These offices and related concerns have serious limitations for hosting outside players and organizations, which are only exacerbated during coronavirus outbreaks. None of the in -house courts were designed for volleyball and basketball, and many 30- to 40 -year -olds lacked systems, poor driving systems, and inadequate equipment. lighting, inadequate floors, inadequate seating and inadequate measurements for safe and fun play.

Due to the lack of integrity and national integrity, volleyball and volleyball teams now have to use multiple locations to fulfill their needs and seek out competitive players in those areas. many in other Midwestern cities. In fact, Gateway Region Volleyball, the local division of USA Volleyball, will have to move some major weekend events from the local halls to Cape Girardeau’s new 12 -yard court in less than two hours.

“The lack of local equipment and quality creates unnecessary problems and lost opportunities for local and professional athletes, as well as players and their families to attend. out of town to enter, ”Duncan said. “This new facility will eliminate that burden for sports families.”

A major economic center, the sport will generate jobs for coaches, pilots, trainers, licensees and maintenance staff, and bring in visitors both inside and outside the city. where to stimulate economic activity for local restaurants, hotels and shops. CSA is buying land for future expansion.

For information on meeting times, visit or email To follow the development, follow chesterfieldsports on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Launched by 2020, the Chesterfield Sports Association (CSA) is a Chesterfield, MO-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded to provide St. Louis youth. an athlete, student and individual. Stuart Duncan founded CSA after 20 years as a volunteer coach, coach, and board member for various sports teams. His passion for youth sports and development led his mission to this new sporting challenge.

Founded in 2014, Mia Rose Holdings LLC (MRH) is a Chesterfield, MO -based real estate development firm that has actively acquired and developed assets that support the needs and knowledge of local communities. MRH provides first class development services by partnering with the best and most advanced in the commercial, engineering, construction and construction services industry. MRH was founded in 2014 by Tom Kaiman who has invested more than $ 1 billion in development over his 15 years of design and construction. For more information about Mia Rose Holdings, visit

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