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How many countries can have a chance to win this year’s Rugby League World Cup?

I was reading an article in the Australian newspaper over the weekend, where Troy Grant, managing director of the International Rugby League, said there were currently five nations that could actually take on the challenge. circle.

“We’ve mocked two governments, maybe three, that could win anything,” Grant said.

“Right now there are five countries that can win the lift and two, Fiji and PNG, can make a boilover in their day. If the players who can play for Samoa, they can it follows the rapid growth of Tonga. “

So I think the five countries he is considering are Australia, England, New Zealand, Tonga and Samoa.

In this week’s League Express issue we started the World Cup countdown by looking at the demands of Samoa, which has an amazing number of players to choose from for their World Cup team this year.

If you turn to page 19, you will see our advertisement. They probably have more players to choose from than Shaun Wane the English players.

So those who think that England will easily win against the Samoans in the opening game of the World Cup at St James’ Park in Newcastle, are sure to have a bad path.

I think a lot of people will find the Samoans as a favorite to win that game.

On the other hand, there is a lot of excitement among the Samoan players about their coach Matt Parish, who briefly coached Salford in 2011.

Many Samoan players have seen Tonga’s progress and have seen the path the Tongans have followed under their coach Kristian Woolf, who saw the team’s focus on the Tongan culture, regarding their performance on the field, although it is tactical. skillful in using the strength of the players in that team.

The Parish does not seem to have much knowledge of the culture of the group and is not a strong educator.

It will be interesting to see if England can be done right.

Now, Kristian Woolf speaks, it is known that he will return to Australia at the end of this season to take on a role with the Dolphins, the new team to enter the NRL this year with Wayne Bennett as his front head. drive.

Wayne was well into his 70s and agreed to have two seasons in the lead before returning to let Kristian take over.

I may be wrong about this, but it is clear to me that she was a Christian Queen, and like most of the people of that state, she had a close relationship with her. The opportunity to become an NRL head coach in his home state can be tempting to turn down and may be exciting for his family.

I’ll be happy to report wrong, but it looks like the Saints are looking for a new coach in 2023.

It was a great weekend in Australia

Matt Parish may be the right person to coach Samoa, we can get an idea of ​​that on Saturday, the Samoans are playing the Cook Islands as a doubles header at Campbelltown Stadium in a game that broadcast live by Sky. Play.

The match will start at 8.40 am, after the match between New Zealand and Tonga, which will follow the match between the women’s sides of New Zealand and Tonga.

The final match on Saturday will be between Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

It is ironic to me that the two teams that host the Rugby League in both divisions cannot agree to a regular weekend for the Rugby League delegate.

Failure to do so would mean that only one player will travel from this country to play for his home country in Australia this weekend. He is Tinirau Arona, who will play for Cook Island and Samoa.

Of course, Kristian Woolf will not return to Australia to study in Tonga, which is a shame.

And I think Edwin Ipape and Nene Macdonald of Leigh Centurions might be strong candidates to play for Papua New Guinea. In fact, I was a little surprised that those two players, including John Asiata and Blake Ferguson, were not selected for the All Stars team that played England on Saturday.

I think they will give a lot to each and every team, as we remember that some of the All Stars from the top four Super League teams were spotted as they went.

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