Questions to control the offseason

The NBA Finals ended a few days ago, but the League’s schedule isn’t over for anyone.

This week, the new generation of players will be welcomed to the Lions when the Orlando Magic begin the 2022 NBA Draft on Friday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Then the free agent and the summer Lions will follow, as teams begin to make plans to capture the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

Will any of the big names to watch this summer – including Zach LaVine, Bradley Beal and Jalen Brunson – be on their teams now? Where is the Deandre Ayton story with the Phoenix Suns? How will the Los Angeles Lakers deal with LeBron James and Anthony Davis after last year’s playoff loss?

Golden State came out of two seasons in the wilderness by winning four titles in eight years and re -establishing its lineage. The fifth name, however, requires some cost decisions.

Kevon Looney, whose internal defense and return is crucial to the Warriors ’run, is expected to get a $ 5.2 million big increase in 2021-22. So it was for Gary Payton II, the Warriors defensive ace, after years of struggling to cut a solid leg in the NBA, he thought he could get more than less for the NBA. first time in his career.

The Soldiers also had to make extension decisions, including Andrew Wiggins, who had one year left on his contract, and Jordan Poole, who had one year out of restricted free service. After spending a record $ 350 million in salaries and taxes in 2021-22, the Warriors are on track to reach $ 400 million each of the next two seasons.

When LeBron arrived in Los Angeles, he reached the playoffs for 13 straight seasons. In four seasons with the Lakers, he missed the playoffs twice, and LA’s 33-49 this season was the worst of his career. To change this situation, work hard this summer. It started with Milwaukee Bucks first assistant Darvin Ham to replace Frank Vogel as coach.

Yes ? Wondering how to complete a list, when Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Nunn sign their agreements, it is expected to stay out of the property tax line. with six players under contract. (Expecting Westbrook to be in Los Angeles next season, which is the best route right now).

As of last summer, the Lakers will be required to fill the remaining nine spots on the roster with smaller players and the difference in the median tax rate. It may not be enough to keep one of their strongest points from last season, goalkeeper Malik Monk.

Besides, James himself had a decision to make in August: whether to extend his contract. If he does not vote, he could become a free agent in the summer of 2023.

Where is the Jazz?

Utah was expected to get into turmoil after losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the first round, which began with the departure of coach Quin Snyder after eight winning seasons. Now, after two successful trips after the season, the focus will be on how Jazz’s Danny Ainge intends to reorganize this team for his full season in the lead, if perhaps including breaking up with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy. Gobert All-Star reunion after five seasons.

Without an selection on Friday’s program, the Jazz don’t have many options to change the roster significantly. And of course, Ainge’s decision to decide who will be responsible for Snyder while living in Utah is one of the two remaining training positions for the lions.

What’s next for James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers?

After 76ers president Daryl Morey reunited with James Harden on the 2022 business deadline, he was expected to start a long -term partnership in the city of fraternal love.

Even so, the run -up to the playoffs will leave both sides to decide. Will Harden choose to accept his $ 47 million bid or go to the free competition? Will the two sides agree to a long -term agreement on low interest rates to increase funding for the future?

Elsewhere on the Philadelphia roster, Danny Green may not be for the coming seasons with a playoff knee injury, after a $ 10 million deal that could be used as a bargaining chip. – and option no. He chose to take next year’s top pick in the Harden-Ben Simmons trade.

What’s next for Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets?

Irving and the Nets have the same options as Harden in Philadelphia. The Nets, however, have a number of decisions to make after trying to improve on their first offensive line since last season at the hands of the East Coast top Boston Celtics.

Patty Mills has a player selection for next season, while one of the team’s key defenders, Bruce Brown, will be a free agent. Nic Claxton, a side -by -side and filling in the blanks that Brooklyn lacks, is a limited free agent.

The Nets, who need to fill some positions at the back of the bench, will once again become one of the most expensive teams in NBA history.

Will Deandre Ayton stay with the Phoenix Suns?

In June 2021, the Phoenix Suns celebrated their first appearance in the NBA Finals in nearly 30 years, and Ayton was praised for his key role in achieving that goal.

But after the Mavericks were released from the second round after the end of Game 7 – Ayton was on the field for most of the second half – the future was uncertain. of 2018 No.

Will Phoenix agree to sign and trade with Ayton to re -employ his staff and not work with him? Or will he sign an agreement elsewhere, perhaps leading the line of the Sun?

What do Zach LaVine, Bradley Beal and Jalen Brunson do?

All three guards, aged 20 to 30, will be free agents next month. LaVine is recovering from a knee amputation but may have the highest contract awards to choose from, while returning to the Chicago Bulls, who bought him five years ago, is more the better. Beal has the opportunity to make a similar decision and re -sign with the Washington Wizards if he decides to leave the last year of his contract on June 30.

The most exciting situation is in Dallas, where Brunson – a key part of the Mavericks’ journey to the NBA Western Conference Finals – will become a free agent in the year 25. After agreeing a trade for Christian Wood last week said a deal with Brunson could send the Mavericks into property tax.

The New York Knicks – an NBA team with which Brunson has strong relationships, as does his father, Rick, who hired Tom Thibodeau coach this season – could offer an interesting gift to tempt to him. So for the Detroit Pistons, it could give him an interesting point about Cade Cunningham, the first pick last year.

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