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After a surprisingly good season, the Los Angeles Kings can take the next step with a talented odds team ready for primetime. (Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Kings have had their fight, and they’re about to emerge with a group of talented young players competing in the NHL. Longtime cornerstone Dustin Brown has announced his retirement, and aging stars Drew Doughty, Anzi Kopetar and Jonathan Quick are on the downward slope as the team continues to climb. However, the throne appears to be secure, as the heirs are willing to claim positions in the National Hockey League, with the possible exception of the goalkeeper. This season L.A. had guys including Arthur Caliev, Rasmus Kopari, Tobias Björnfoot and Shawn Dorsey in full-time roles, and another crop featuring Quinton Byfield and Jordan Spence did lengthy apparel trainings. Next year, the youth movement will take a giant step forward with more emerging stars entering the roster.

The most important prospects

Alex Turcot, F – Whether his game translates into a six-pointer, or if he becomes the center of the two-way third line, is yet to be seen. Alex Turcot is stubborn on the disc, and plays a two-way calculating game. Few would turn out to work outside of Turcotte on any given shift, but using that work ethic to generate offensive opportunities is next on his list. While Turcotte is ready in the NHL for a checking role, the Kings might give him another year in the AHL to play those goal-scoring minutes. In terms of schedules, as the fifth overall pick in 2019, his arrival, however, is already well overdue.

Gabi Velardi, P– After injuries, Velardi has faced a new challenge this season – leaving the ice position he played throughout his junior and even pro career to become a winger. It’s an organizational need because Los Angeles has an abundance of talented prospects at the center. The 6’3 winger now has gifted vision and balanced style, but sometimes he needs to rely more on his offensive instincts and just play the game. Velardi will almost certainly start the year in the NHL next season and look to establish himself as a full-time NHLer.

Brock Faber, Dr – He takes care of his own area first. Faber’s defensive first approach is not a bad trait, but it limits his progress, as he is unlikely to contribute offensively. Faber is a great skater who fills in gaps and defends with his stick and centering. It effectively keeps attackers out of danger zones, and its character has been preached. Faber represented Team USA at the Olympics and is likely to play another season at the University of Minnesota before transitioning to professional hockey. Los Angeles might give him games at the end of this season, but time in the AHL won’t hurt his development either.

one to watch

Few offenses in the 2021 draft showed the offensive upside of Brandt Clark. When Canada left the 6’2 inch right-footed defender off the world’s junior list, it raised concerns. What did Hockey Canada see that other Scouts didn’t like? Clarke responded by scoring more than one point in the game for the OHL Barry Colts. Never be afraid to join the rush, he will play with the power of a quarterback for kings in the future. How soon? It’s up to Clark. Garrett Anderson Dolan is another interesting possibility. He played the entire pandemic brief season in the NHL’s clothing for 34 games. This year, that time was reduced to seven competitions, and it was taken off the scoring sheet for each. Anderson-Dolan had good MLS production and could step into the third-line role for the Kings right away. If Los Angeles retains Anderson Dolan in the AHL, it will be up to the 2017 second-round pick to force the kings hand.

ready to intervene

Los Angeles Kings fans have been patiently waiting for their promised arrival and influence Quinton Byfield. The wait is almost certain to be over as Los Angeles hand the keys to their second streak to Byfield. The 6’4 position was the second overall pick in 2020, and he didn’t seem to be dominant at times, but when he has the disc, Byfield does power on the ice and has a soft hand for a top player. on bluelin, Jordan Spence It already looks like a steal from the fourth floor. An excellent disc distributor, Spence scored a point in nearly every AHL game before spending 24 games with Los Angeles. His value was evident when the team tasked Spence with three games in the playoffs. Turcotte, Vilardi and Anderson-Dolan will also make their case on the shortlists.

Requirements in the draft

It might not be an issue they can tackle in this draft, or in time to meet their needs, but the Kings don’t have a goalkeeper in their top ten prospects. Matt Vilalta has played well for Ontario in the AHL this season, David Hrenak is turning pro after a solid NCAA career, and Jacob Ingham is working on his ECHL game, but there are no blue players in the group. In the recruitment, perhaps Finnish goalkeeper Tobias Leinonen, who could become the best goalkeeper in the class, will still be available when the Kings are ready to spend a selection on the position. Regardless of their network, Kings will be looking to enhance their wings and colors.

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