Killian Hayes in Brooklyn? Americans are demanding!

Killian Hayes may be living her last days in the Pistons dress, as her future could be jeopardized during the draft on Friday. If he is sold, the fans of a prestigious franchise will be boiling over the idea of ​​getting him back. As it turns out, he keeps an interesting score!

When he came to the NBA, Killian Hayes was seen as a very hopeful, a leader with the ability to win and take on a team… But after two seasons with the Pistons, there is less interest to about him. Although he had his time, with 58 starts in 92 games, he did not live up to expectations or show significant progress.

So inevitably, as the project approached, his location in Detroit was no longer known. The Motor City leaders, who have No. 5, could throw themselves at Jaden Ivey or Shaedon Sharpe, two key talents who will shine with Cade Cunningham in the starting 5 on the Nets side, wanting someone will see him land.

Killian Hayes loved by Nets fans!

No player is talking about how much I want to see the Nets come to the market

Despite a humble start and below his potential, Killian Hayes is only 20 years old and has a future ahead of him. In Brooklyn, and this is even more true when Kyrie Irving leaves in the free season, the young tricolor leader can bring a lot of offense, but on the defensive level. Fans shared this idea:

He published this, and now I think he is a good investor. I introduced myself to his game and I really liked what he could bring.

I will give this an idea. Killian is a great program for my taste, but it is available.

In Brooklyn, it will be Killian Hayes cakeHe is one of the best defenders and one of the best walkers in the team, and he can train with Ben Simmons. The perfect situation for a player thrown into the deep end very well very quickly.

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