“If the Mavericks can get him, he and Doncic can’t be arrested.”

Going to quickly bring Christian Wood back to the market, the Mavericks have revealed their intentions for the next season. It’s a title and nothing for a Texas franchise, it could be a bigger dream at the end of a free career. For Kendrick Perkins, meeting the superstar with Luka Doncic is the best news.

The Mavericks were defeated by the Warriors at the end of the conference, the Mavericks were able to make a big difference, each at the time of this announcement. This team has won several big names, including Luka Doncic More desirable than ever. Becoming a Golden State? This is not the end of it, though we can count on Jason Kidd’s men to come back next year, determined to invite themselves to the end. But for that, the list needs to be improved.

This is what happened last week, with the arrival of Christian Wood in Dallas. A pivot with 18 points and 10 rebounds on average? This is good news for Doncic, while we know the franchise really needs to be at position 5, it could make a difference to a racket. However, that may not be the end for this team, as there is still room for improvement.

Can the Mavericks get big enough?

In recent days, the story of a superstar: Bradley Beal has talked a lot. The fullback could leave the Wizards like this summer, though he hasn’t revealed his decision. He had already made his choice, but had to wait until the free election, in early July, to announce his future. For Kendrick Perkins, and if Beal is available, Dallas will have to do everything to connect him with Luke in the future.

The Dallas Mavericks need to get him back. Jalen Brunson, who is a great player, we can use him to get a bigger fish, like Bradley Beal, and team up with Luka Doncic. If the two play together, it will be a killer. We’re probably talking about the best backcourt in the NBA… It’s deadly.

Beal and Doncic? There are two key players who need the ball, but the latter is an All-Star partner for Luke. Needless to say, if Dallas had the time to make this deal, the first office would have to fly in time. We need to find an agreement with the Wizards, even if the back is extended, but ask to leave with humility. All that is possible in the coming days, with a big new bar for Dallas.

While the first bomb is on the market, the Mavericks could hit hard in the coming weeks. Everything will depend on the will of the leaders, but on the players who have it. If Bradley Beal is independent, we can be sure the Texas franchise isn’t too far away to answer the phone.

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