Ian Blomquist – 2022 NHL Draft Profile

Ian Blomquist

2021-22 Team: Vasteras IK / HockeyAllsvemskan
Birthdate: March 29, 2003
Birthplace: Göteborg, Sweden
Height: 6ft-2 Weight: 183lbs
Position: G
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2022 Eligibility


Sometimes the worst thing an NHL draft prospect can be is mediocrity. This can put you in the awkward place of not being closed to hearing your name, but it also wouldn’t be surprising if the team took a chance on you later in the draft.

For Swedish goalkeeper Ian Blomquist, the average is about where he falls as a potential player. Now, that’s not slight against his play or his future, however, as average expectations are still being crafted and evolving into legitimate NHL’ers all the time, they often take a little longer.


The positive for Blomquist is that the 2022 class is relatively weak, which means that being mediocre doesn’t actually put him that far on the draft boards. He has the size of an NHL starter, and while his kit isn’t exceptional, he still has plenty of talent that could be developed by the right team.

He also started the 2021-22 season strong and in the middle of the season was the number 2 European goal prospect according to NHL Central Scouting. While his season eventually ended with an average of 15-14 records, this is indicative of some legitimate talent to develop. Also, it’s worth noting that Blomquist has signed a two-year contract to play against men in Sweden, which means he’s taking his starting time against top talent, which could be a boon to his development.

Ian Blomquist – NHL Projection

Under normal circumstances, Blomquist would likely be a late draft pick, or completely bypassed. However, the 2022 draft is not normal for goalkeepers. The gap between the first goalposter chosen and the last isn’t as wide as most years, which means these average prospects may hear their name sooner than expected.

While he may be an average goalkeeping prospect, Ian Blomquist is still a talented goalkeeper who can hear his name in the 2022 NHL Draft. (Hockey Book)

Given his kit, he could be considered a second-tier goalkeeper who would be picked early in the fourth round or a project whose name he never heard of. Despite that, I think Blomquist has enough positives that I would expect it to be drafted, somewhere in the late fifth through early sixth round.


Despite being an over-aged goalkeeper, Blomquist was off to a good enough start to rank second for European mid-term goalkeepers. But he gave up six places after being unable to maintain his start. He finished at 15-14 with Vasteras. He has things to love like his 6-foot-2 frame. But consistency has been an issue at various points.

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Nothing flashy and, frankly, nothing outstanding that stands out. In many viewings – including in the last friendly match – Blomquist has shown the ability to make great saves. It has been profitable to disc and in good standing on a consistent basis. However, at the same time he gave up many easy goals and the pucks went through him with great ease.

David DiPaulo- (From Ian Blomquist’s Game Report – FCHockey, May 16, 2022)

strength point

  • big frame
  • Signed up to play against men in Sweden
  • Understands how to make the most of its size

Under construction – improvements to do

While Blomquist is a good goalkeeper, he lacks consistency. He dominated the first half of the 2021-22 season but struggled in the second half. He needs to improve the details of his game before he can take the next step in his career.

NHL potential

When it comes down to it, Blomquist is a great, talented goalkeeper whose talent is raw and lacks consistency. This type of player will need time (and a lot of) to develop before they can make it to the NHL party or even take on the starting role in the AHL.

However, Blomquist is in a great position to get that time. He will play against men in Sweden, and once his contract is up, he will be old enough to move to the AFC Champions League if he is ready. There he could play for two or three years to get used to the North American snowboard before he’s ready to take the next step in his career. If all goes well, he could break into the NHL at the age of 25.

Risk and reward analysis

Risk- 3/5, Reward 3/5

Ian Blomquist stats

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