Filming: What Arizona Wildcats volleyball looks like under coach Dave Rubio

The offseason is here, with all of Arizona’s games scheduled for 2021-22 and 2022-23 announcements a short distance away.

This is a good time to go back and see what the Wildcats’ plans have been like.

In the coming weeks, we’ll take a look at UA’s 19 men’s and women’s programs to see what they look like and what the future holds. We will break down each group and evaluate how it is doing under its current mentors, look at the status of the program before it arrives and compare it now and look at including this season and beyond.

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How it looked in the past

Rubio led the stellar recruiting course he and his staff took to Tucson in 2020. That course marked moments of glory, but illness hampered his development. As a result, the team isn’t as stable as it should be if it’s going to be a big run in the Pac-12 and NCAA Tournament.

Last year, the Wildcats were 17-16 and 8-12 in the Pac-12. They finished eighth in the Pac-12. They played in the NIVC, a second volleyball tournament by the same team that organized the WNIT, and lost to the UNLV champions in the second round.

Where it stands now

Rubio talked about retiring for a few years. He said he had planned to retire at the age of 60. That birthday came nearly three years ago, but he signed an extension agreement in April to take care of him. in the program until 2026. with his talented team of pin hitters and hopes to make the final big run in the NCAA tournament.

“I need to come back so I can collect the fees,” Rubio laughed at the end of the 2021 season.

There are some questions, however. Some are in the middle block. The class he brought to Arizona in 2020 included a center blocker Lauren Ware a ku e China Rai Crouchthe middle -aged player until he was injured in his freshman year.

Crouch took what Rubio called a “medical year” last year to fully recover from his concussion. Ware chose to give up volleyball before playing a game for the team, choosing to play only women’s volleyball.

The decisions of those two players are in the form of the outcome of the first week of May. Crouch returned to the group, although Rubio did not believe he could give up immediately. He simply said he would be “with the team” this coming season. He was listed on the 2022 roll.

Ware returned to the volleyball team for the 2022 spring development season. He trained with the Wildcats for just two weeks before playing in a tournament in San Diego. Although Rubio was not sure if he would return to the club and was not included in the 2022 roster.

“I talked to him and I said, well, there’s no question he’s going to be a high -profile volleyball player,” Rubio said. “And there’s a debate there if he’s just a volleyball player and doesn’t play baseball — I don’t want to do that – but he’s probably a better volleyball player than he is. football player. You see, I don’t know. But what I do know is that he is the highest -ranking, middle -class elite if he chooses to play volleyball. I said, ‘It doesn’t mean you play volleyball, but it’s the only thing that tells you what I think you can be if you decide to play volleyball.’

The program also needs some support. Rubio was thrilled to have hired the Oregon manager before Lauren Plum in February, but she was no longer listed on the project staff page and did not mention a mentor on her website.

One big question

People around the program will continue to be the middle blocker and coaching questions, but those aren’t the big questions for the Wildcats. They have some middle -class youngsters, unlike Ware and Crouch, who haven’t left the sport for a year or more. Employees can retain some knowledge for up to five years Zyonna Fellows decided to use the NCAA-awarded new year for COVID-19 problems.

So comes the real question of evil fire power. Specifically, can all of Arizona’s starters join him at the same time?

There is nothing to be denied Jaelyn Hodge, Sofia Maldonado Diaza Puk Stubbe they were very wise. The problem for the Wildcats is that they have a hard time “on” at the same time.

Maldonado Diaz has a real new season, winning Pac-12 Freshman of the Year for the time being held in the spring of 2021, but he wasn’t too strong in the fall.

Hodge took the most serious threat at the start of the 2021 fall, but he didn’t match during the Pac-12 season.

Stubbe is a talented man who came in as a 21-year-old and landed on the Pac-12 All-Freshman team, but the beach volleyball player has always been accustomed to playing in and out of a combination of training and education. with sports.

If Rubio is to lead his program to one major NCAA race before he retires, they will all need to start that big leap forward.

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