USA opened the Concacaf U-20 Championship with a 10-0 win over St. Louis. Kitts and me Nevis

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – The U.S. Under-20 Men’s Youth National Team opened the 2022 Concacaf U-20 Championship with a 10-0 win over St. Louis. Kitts and Nevis on Saturday.

In a critical event, America scored its second highest goals in the tournament as seven players were drawn, led by braces from midfield. Paxten Aaronson a Niko Tsakiris.

Five players made the U-20 world debut against the Sugar Boyz: kiai kiai Antonio Carrerapale people Noah Allen a Michael Haliday with the middle Alejandro Alvarado Jr. and the Tsakiri. Tsakiris is 16 years old, a defender Mauricio Cuevasmiddle middle Rokas Pukstasand the former Cade Cowell a It’s Tyler Wolff everyone is committed to their first world goals.

The U.S. controlled the ball for most of the game, St. Louis got the ball rolling. Kitts is 82 percent and 18 percent. The U-20s got three corners in the first 10 minutes of the game, and after a few shots on goal, the result came on the 18th, when they were given a chance. Video Assistant Referee in the US evaluates a penalty shootout. Cowell left home for the opener and his first U-20 world goal.

This year is the first Concacaf U-20 Championship featuring VAR, and the United States will once again benefit from the video review in the 33rd minute. Kitts asked the editor to point back to the first dining area Caden Clark sent on the south side of the net.

The gates were quickly opened, as the United States scored four barrels in the first half after the 42nd minute. After the yellow card St. Kitts, Clark played for Cuevas, and while the defender’s cross was blocked in the box, it fell straight to Wolff for the finish. Three minutes later, Pukstas returned to another USA goal after a corner.

Two highs came in the long -term rest period established by the number of long -term VAR evaluations during the half -year period. Clark played the referee in the second minute of the break, prompting Cuevas to cut a key from the far corner of the penalty box. Eight minutes after the end of the refereeing, Cowell was thrown into the box to receive a new penalty for the U.S., and Tsakiris completed another penalty to end the penalty. half of the attack was at 6-0.

Goals continued to run after the break. St. Paul’s own box was opened. Kitts was counting down the second half when it closed Quinn Sullivan rises against Kittitian guards Xander Parke for the ball was in the air, but Parke knocked on his own net.

A wave of three substitutes – Aaronson’s midfielders, Diego Luna a Jack McGlynn – on the hour mark that kept time for the USA with the explosion of three goals in five minutes. Shortly after his arrival, Aaronson sacked for three minutes. Sullivan tied him for his first in the 64th before Luna played him down in the 67th to establish his second. A ball from Sullivan gave the U.S. his 10th and final goal when he found a Tsakiris running fast in the 69th.

The win was the U-20 MYNT’s first performance in the competition for the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. After the program ended due to COVID-19 disease, the U-20 returned to the field in November 2021 and today’s game marked the first official tournament for the team from June 2019.

The U-20 MYNT continues the Group E game on Monday, June 20 vs. Canada’s regional tournament (8:30 pm ET) ends in the group stage on Wednesday, June 22 against Cuba (8:30 pm ET). All E -America’s matches will be played at the Estadio Nacional in Tegucigalpa.


USA – Cade Cowell (Penalty), 18 minutes: The VAR investigation overturned a so -called offense against the U.S. over the St. Louis penitentiary. Kitts and Nevis and the editor points to the penalty area. Cowell went up for the kick, shot left and out of the reach of goalkeeper Xander Parke. USA 1, SKN 0

USA – Caden Clark (Penalty), 33 minutes: The second VAR evaluation confirmed a St. Louis handball. Kitts and Nevis are in the box, setting up the USA for his second penalty of the day. Clark fired at the same time as Cowell, and although Parke pointed correctly, he missed the rescue. USA 2, SKN 0

USA – Tyler Wolff, minute 43: A free taxi service after St. Kitts and Nevis ’Zion Nisbett picked up a yellow card that saw the U.S. send the ball into the box. Running to the right, captain Mauricio Cuevas played to the goal, which was attempted by a St. Louis defender. Kitts cleans up and jumps the try from Parke before falling to Wolff who is running fast, locking him at home. USA 3, SKN 0

USA – Rokas Pukstas, 45 minutes: Taking one of his 16 corners of the day, Parke pounded the ball into the air after the U.S. served in the box. When he came back down, the Kittitian goalkeeper and Pukstas came up for him, but the American midfielder had enough of his head on the ball for his first U-20 world goal. USA 4, SKN 0

USA – Mauricio Cuevas (Caden Clark), 45+2nd minute: From the side, Clark found Cuevas in the upper right corner of the penalty box. The right back hit the shot on the left side of the goal. USA 5, SKN 0

USA – Niko Tsakiris (Punishment), 45+8th minute: When Cade Cowell fell into the penalty box, the referee marked the third U.S. penalty shootout of the day. 16 -year -old Tsakiris climbed up and planted the pole on the right side of the net. USA 6, SKN 0

USA – Own Goal (Xander Parke), 47 minutes: In the corner, Tsakiris plays back short with Clark before sending him into the box. Quinn Sullivan and Parke climbed for the ball, but when Parke tried to pound out, he sent her to the right side of his own net. USA 7, SKN 0

USA – Paxten Aaronson (Quinn Sullivan), 64 minutes: On the descent, Sullivan played Aaronson, who touched before hitting a hard key to the far right post. USA 8, SKN 0

USA – Paxten Aaronson (Diego Luna), 67 minutes:Diego Luna flew to Aaronson under the right wing, cutting the ball behind the shield. When he came inside the box, he sent the shot back to the goal, this time to the far left post for his second day. USA 9, SKN 0

USA – Niko Tsakiris (Quinn Sullivan), 69 minutes:Sullivan shook some defenders as he drove around the right flank to the back line and played the ball before the net for Tsakiris. He met her calmly, hitting her a few steps in front of the goal. USA 10, SKN 0


  • The USA advanced to 2-0-0 all-time with St. Louis. Kitts and Nevis in the Concacaf U-20 Championship and 74-26-16 overall.
  • Midfielder Niko Tsakiris bagged his first World Cup for the United States at any level. The second youngest player on the list will turn 17 tomorrow, June 19th.
  • America’s 10 goals are his second of all time in the tournament. During the 2018 tournament, the United States beat the US Virgin Islands 13-0 in the Group A game.
  • After today’s game, 20 players were listed on the U.S. tournament at the U-20 level.


Games:United States Under -20 youth group against Saint Kitts and Nevis
Day:June 18, 2022
competition:2022 Concacaf Under-20 Championship
Location:National Stadium; Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Come on:110
Kick off:2 pm local (4 pm ET)
Lewa:79 degrees, opua, water

Summary: 1 2 F
USA 6 4 10
SKN 0 0 0

USA – Cade Cowell (Penalty) 17 minutes
USA – Caden Clark (Punishment) 33
USA – Tyler Wolff 43
USA – Rokas Pukstas 45
USA – Mauricio Cuevas (Caden Clark) 45+2
USA – Niko Tsakiris (Punishment) 45+8
USA – Private Destination (Xander Parke) 47
USA – Paxten Aaronson (Quinn Sullivan) 64
USA – Paxten Aaronson (Diego Luna) 67
USA – Niko Tsakiris (Quinn Sullivan) 69

Line lines:

USA: 12-Antonio Carrera; 2-Mauricio Cuevas (Capt.) (13-Michael Halliday, 46), 4-Markus Ferkranus, 14-Jalen Neal, 3-Noah Allen; 20-Rokas Pukstas (15-Diego Luna, 60), 17-Niko Tsakiris, 19-Alejandro Alvarado Jr .; 11-Caden Clark (10-Paxten Aaronson, 60), 16-Tyler Wolff (8-Jack McGlynn, 59), 9-Cade Cowell (7-Quinn Sullivan, 46)
Substitutes not used: 1-Chris Brady, 5-Brandan Craig, 6-Daniel Edelman

Director: Mikey Varas

SKN: 1-Xander Parks, 2-Jai’den Myers (14-Joshua Bradshaw, 62), 4-Dejahne Morris (3-Omarion Liburd, 68), 6-Rocco Browne (19-Caaja Burnham, 68), 7-Jabez Dorset , 9-Micaah Garnette, 10-Zion Nisbett, 12-Ajani Mills, 15-Kaylon Liburd (Capt.) (13-Jahlyan Burt, 69), 16-Jermaine Chiuta, 17-Chad Liburd (5-Kenaicy Dorsett, 46)

Substitutes not used: 13-Vibert Stephen, 8-Landrick Jones, 11-Shaheem Prentice, 20-Dequan Joseph

Director: Kevin Welsh

Summary Stats: USA / SKN
Images: 34/1
Shots on goal: 16/1
Care: 1/6
Kiki Kihi: 16/1
Offenses: 4/12
Outside: 0/0

Summary of misconceptions:
SKN – Zion Nisbett (Be careful) 43rd minute
SKN – Jahlyan Burt (E akahele) 86

Editor: Ricardo Montero (CRC)
Editor 1: Enedina Caudillo (MEX)
Assistant Judge 2: Carlos Fernandez (CRC)
4th Luna: Marco Ortiz (MEX)
VAR: Marianela Araya (CRC)
AVAR1: Juan Gabriel Calderon (CRC)

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