Ultimately, the Lakers are looking for a superstar to inspire themselves!

Always wanting to win the title, the Lakers will try to sign this summer, with a minimum of fuss. It’s a stressful time for the front office, always dreaming of pulling heavy weights for this summer, or the seasons to come. We’re talking about a superstar, which might surprise a good section of fans.

Dismissed by competition this season, the Lakers have a few excuses for next year, with a workforce to see a bit of a trend. We know that Darvin Ham came as a mentor, and he brought with him many changes, if we compare him to Frank Vogel. His main thing? The screen, with Russell Westbrook, watched must do harm on the floor.

Can this list be successful? In the state, we can assume no. So Rob Pelinka needs to find solutions in the coming weeks, and start with planning. It was said that Angelinos would buy a second round, just get an idea, or see something like Austin Reaves. It won’t be easy, but the paths are limited again.

The Lakers sleep a lot on the market!

However, that doesn’t prevent the first office from taking an interest in the case of some of the biggest players. After all, this summer can be a surprise, with Angelinos working hard to improve this roster. The results? Kevin O’Connor, producer for The Ringer, said the Lakers are interested in Bradley Beal. The Wizards star can leave the ship immediately, enough to arouse interest.

One name that often comes up with the Lakers is Bradley Beal, which is something they want on their roster. However, I’m not sure if the interest is relevant. I would say for Beal, Miami is more terrible than Washington. I don’t think Boston should be excluded from its relationship with Jayson Tatum, but the Lakers are trying with Russ.

Is Beal coming? It’s important for the Lakers, even if the Washington guard needs the ball. Would his lesson be better? Maybe, but it’s not the best thing in Los Angeles. It’s clear the first office wants to strike, even if there’s no action right now.

Keep in mind that Beal could leave the Wizards immediately, at least if he decides to. The player is very mysterious, even though he has it decision about his future. But for the time being, he refused to talk to her, wanting to honor her current agreement. Suffice it to say, we are very much thinking of the Wizards, who are patiently waiting for an answer.

Bradley Beal and the Lakers? It’s very important in the market, but it can’t be given to the Angelinos ’limited channels. However, beware of a surprise, even if the player decides to claim to come to the West: an exciting opera tour for this summer.

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