The Sixers ’most troubled relationship with James Harden!

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Since joining the Sixers last February, James Harden will be staying in Philadelphia for a long time, hoping to give a name to the team. And so on ? Admittedly, the player’s status is more important. The first office can try a problem, it is better if the Barbu is taken well. Explanations.

Considered a real star in the Sixers, James Harden obviously not in line with expectations. Barbu was very cautious after some good games, even dropping to 18 points on average during the playoffs. With Joel Embiid injured, the former Nets player can’t take this team, he has to work. So there can’t be a little bit of anger among the supporters, who provoke the throwing offense.

It’s impossible to know, but it’s clear Harden will be closely watched next year. It looks like there’s a place to play, as there’s a world where the team will be leaving this summer. For that? Nothing could have been easier, as he had to reject his player selection, in the amount of $ 47 million. But with so much of the deal, it’s hard to imagine Harden’s rejection, which is to make him sixth at the start of the school year.

Is the late James Harden alive again?

Yes ? Daryl Morey doesn’t want to keep him for one season. According to The Void website, an update is being prepared:

I was told the Sixers’ first -team would want Harden to accept his player selection, 46.9 million for the 2022/23 season, which is not surprising. But Morey wants to go again and get a three -year deal with him.

Because, in the summer, Harden could extend his contract with the Sixers, for two or three seasons. For the max? Probably not, the player has more to do.

Harden has not been able to achieve what was expected this season, and has fared better in the game by averaging 18.6 points. The lowest number since the 2012 postseason. As a result, many are wondering if it needs to be increased in the long run.

A real head coach for the Sixers, he needs to keep Harden, but he can’t do anything to improve it. Change in the future of the franchise? This is not clearly a possible outcome. The beard needs to be prepared, because this is the last time he will hit a real jackpot:

From Harden’s point of view, he has until June 29 to agree to his player choice. He can agree and have a good time, allow him to negotiate a big deal. But there is a problem if he doesn’t play well, he won’t get everything. He could sit back and sign an extension this summer, but the Sixers can’t give him the max.

The real problem for James Harden is that he could either force himself to get a big deal in 2023, or secure his future with the Sixers. Raising a minimum wage will also help your company retain membership. We’ll see more before June 29th.

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