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In today’s National Hockey League rumors summary, reports have surfaced that the Florida Panthers are actively trying to trade Sergey Bobrovsky. What do they want to do to move it? In the meantime, the Dallas Stars are expected to name Peter Dibor as their next coach. Have the Vancouver Canucks landed the KHL’s biggest free agent and are they in the market for a top-four defensive man? What would the Buffalo Sabers do if no top-tier goalkeepers thought of them? Finally, will Brayden Point play a 3 game for the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Panthers trying to trade Bobrovsky

It is said that the Panthers are pressing hard to trade goalkeeper Sergey Bobrovsky. Nick Kyperos said on ‘Real Kyper & Bourne’. “In terms of takers, who needs a goalkeeper, and we are willing to take the money back. And I was told up to 50 per cent.”

Sergey Bobrovsky, Florida Panthers (Jess Starr/The Hockey Book)

If true and the Panthers are willing to keep 50% of his contract, that’s not a bad deal for a number of teams that could use a start. A healthy, productive four-season Bobrovsky at $5 million per season is a solidly valued contract. With 54 games in 2021-22, he went 39-7-3 with 0.913 savings and 2.67 GAA and helped lead the Panthers to the President’s Cup. His numbers slipped at times and did in this year’s post season (.911 SV% and 2.70 GAA over 10 games) but he was still a solid goalkeeper.

Still only 33 years old, he has a no-move clause starting in July of 2024.

The stars to hire DeBoer

According to Elliot Friedman: “Hearing that Peter Debort will be the next coach for the Dallas Stars.” There hasn’t been an official announcement from the stars yet, but Pierre Lebrun from TSN He writes that the two sides are “working away on a four-year deal worth North $4 million a season, sources say. No signing yet but that’s where he’s headed once it’s done.”

I heard Peter Debort will be the next coach for the Dallas Stars.

The stars are in winning mode now and DeBoer is known as the coach who can make the most of his roster. The hope seems to be that he will stir up some of the more offensive players in the squad who haven’t been all that offensive in the past two seasons.

Canucks and the top four man of defense?

during the Donnie and Daly Showing, Thomas Drance asked Rick Daliwall if he had heard anything about Canucks potentially chasing one of the top four defensemen. Neither of them said they had heard anything concrete but both believed the team would eventually look for one of them.

The gut feeling was that both Oliver Ekman-Larson and Tyler Myers were very dependent on the club and played a lot. They also believed that Ekman-Larsson was strong last season, especially when he was asked to play the off-shoot. They would still like to see him take more offensive stances.

In other Canucks news, Andrey Kuzmenko’s agent confirmed that the Canucks have landed their KHL free agent. he is writing“Confirmation of Andrei Kuzmenko’s intention to sign with the Vancouver Canucks. Contract details will be prepared soon.”

Swords to play in the goalkeeper backup pool

According to Lance Lysowski of The Buffalo News, the Sabers don’t expect some higher-level UFA guards to be available to them. With organization not going to be an A-choice for many high-profile network builders, they are expected to take the cheaper route this summer.

Casey Desmith, Pittsburgh Penguins
Casey Desmith, Pittsburgh Penguins (Amy Irvine/The Hockey Book)

he is writing:

In free agency, Sabers will likely target bargaining chips like Casey DeSmith, Mikko Koskinen, Eric Comrie and Kevin Lankinen. There are ample trading options. Will the Bruins make Olmark available if they rebuild? Jonathan Quick, John Gibson, Simon Varlamoff, James Reimer and Aden Hill are just a few of the names worth seeing.

Source: “Sabers Mailbag: Goalie’s Plan, Pilut Status, Free Agents Follow Up and Enlistment Day” – Lance Lysowsky – Buffalo News – 12/06/2022

Select game time resolution

John Cooper says Brayden Point is the game-time decision against the Colorado Avalanche for Game 3. The point didn’t take the morning skiing. And Andrei Vasilevsky also did not do it, but he will play tonight despite the onslaught of goals he faced in the second match.

Cuper says Point wasn’t exactly the same player he was before his injury, but notes that he’s been asked to play against the fastest team in the NHL and that’s a very difficult situation.

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