Monday’s Rugby News – 20/6/22

Monday’s Rugby News – 20/6/22

Hello, G & GRs! Sorry for spreading the news earlier than usual today. Despite my best intentions, Virgin Australia teamed up to fulfill my plans on Sunday night…

Today, we get a summary of the Super Rugby Pacific season, how Super Rugby Pacific looks ahead, the last two games from the Pacific Four in Noo Zeelund and other results from the finals in the UK Gallagher premiership and Kiaha Currie URC hope.

Super Rugby Pacific


Happy, healthy, normal. The Crusaders gave a final big deal to cut life outside the Blues ’hometown in front of a crowd of 45,000 sold to the finisher.

The crowd filled the Australian prison with the hope of cheering their side on with 16 wins this crucial season; however, they can stand and improve on some excellent performance from Scott Robertson’s side in earning a 13th Super Rugby title (with two New Zealand titles).

The winning streak, two tries in one, continued the amazing power of the Red and Blacks under Robertson. From the man they called “Razor” who led in 2017, they enjoyed a crown of Super Rugby titles, New Zealand have won and this time they have lifted the title of Super Rugby. Pacific. They are indisputable, and that is not to say that Robertson, the All Blacks coach, is waiting.

The Blues are their worst enemy with a line down in turmoil and no way to beat the Canterbury juggernaut in a big way. Simply put, they won in every aspect of the game. I think the end of the last few weeks has been in the psyche of the Blues as if they have used their ‘get out of jail’ card too many times. That said, there’s no better team in Super Rugby than the Crusaders… and for good reason! Their story is unique and may not be pulled anytime soon.


BLUE: It’s hard to give a post-mortem for the two teams that made the final, especially for the Blues who entered the final after a big win. Alas, they fall into the final disaster. Quite simply, they were broken in the last game by a powerful team. They lost nine lines and also broke their scrum on the mat. It’s hard to play Saders with a GF, let alone when your systems are shot to bits. Whether it was a mindset, or nerves, or a pressure of hope, the Blues only complained when needed. The cliche goes, you have to miss an end to win an end. I don’t know if this is the case to be true because each season brings new challenges. The evaluation will be painful; however, they must learn to play Crusaders-ball in the final game.

CRUSADERS: While they may not have had the best time on the job (they lost to an Aussie team and not the Brums!), You can’t argue with the results. Simply put, the Crusaders were one of the greatest sporting dynasties in existence. Their game plan was perfect and they performed their core skills in a fun way. While one could argue that this team can train on its own (and the Australian cricket side of the 2000s), Scott Robertson always needed a mountain of credit to lead the language. Good, Saders. Very good.

Where now for SUPER RUGBY?

Yes, folks, it’s going to end the local season for 2023!

First, look at the good ones: Australian teams (mostly) compete. The rugby product was good. The introduction of the Drua and the Pacific Ocean took a long time and brought serious consequences. Rugby is alive.

Room for improvement: consistent with the definition and the law (the better), the sale and promotion of the product as a whole, i.e. Super Round, covering the women’s game in, time for double titles with Super ‘A’ sides. I think there is more in words; however, this is the beginning of a meaningful discussion.

Lastly, I am convinced that Super Rugby Pacific is a worthy product to continue. We can’t go one for one. Rugby is a global sport that we need to embrace and support from our Pacific Islanders in New Zealand and the islands. All that will be done is for the unions to cut the bullshit and really work together to accomplish something amazing. It can be done, but egos need to be controlled for the ‘good of the game’.

Talk about egos ……… .. There is a third level of survival. Ironically, it is suicidal in fact, for Australia to go it alone when we can’t establish any critical authority of an NRC, mostly because of white, male boomers who are constantly in the limelight. 1970s rugby panacea of ​​eastern Sydney was impossible. think outside their meeting room. With this, I was once again disgusted to see a large group of players recruited by the Melbourne Rebels lining up for club football this weekend… in Queensland! Humorous!


WALLAROOS in CANADA – The unpunished Wallaroos side ended a two-point lead to become 22-10 to Canada and end up win-less in the Pacific Four Series. Australia finished the four round robin tournament with number one at the bottom of the table after three defeats (two to America and the Ferns). Canada tried twice in the space of six minutes on either side of the half -time on Saturday to turn the game into a soft spot in Whangarei, New Zealand. The third attempt, three minutes from full time, proved to be even more accurate as the world’s fourth -largest ranking of the country and the country. They took more and Australia’s eighth team made another 100 boxes and handed out 10 more penalties. Australia were sent off a player for the final eight minutes when contestant Madison Schuck was arrested for the offense, although Lauren Jenner lost her temper after speaking to them about the offense. committing many sins.

While the internationals are speculating on what the real order should be (i.e., France and England are higher but Covid is not fulfilled in the play it is the fact that the rules are not revealed). position), Australia is in serious trouble in leadership. The World Cup later this season. The lack of serious and serious funding, hopefully, will be a factor in the development of women’s areas, more so than the home world cup in 2029.


The Black Ferns kept their best for the last one.

Although they started their Pacific Four group with two number one wins, the Black Ferns ’victory over the United States in Whangarei on Saturday afternoon clearly showed their potential. While they have been slow to step down in their previous two games with Australia and Canada, there is no problem as to Whangārei – it is beautiful for Wayne Smith and his coaches, with limited time. on the pitch before October. Rugby World Cup.

We have difficult decisions. There are some really good players coming back for the trials, there are going to be seven players, so there are going to be some tough times for the selectors, ”said Smith as he looks ahead to the World Cup. . “But there’s only one group of girls so far that put their style on the paddock and that’s this group.” While it’s been raining from start to finish – it’s going up saddened by the course of the game – the Black Ferns attack was frequent.They had no problem with moving the ball through their hands and asking questions about the U.S. defensive line.



Leicester beat Saracens in the last Gallagher Premiership in the UK.

Head coach Steve Borthwick is now the first person to win a Premiership as a player and coach and this role has further strengthened his case to become a successor to England manager Eddie Jones. In some of the best jokes, Leicester would have been relegated from the Premiership in 2020 had it not been for the Saracens ’reduction for salary breaks. Since then, Borthwick has done well. “I knew it was 2017 when fans were throwing their time tickets at us in the 11th year,” Genge said. ‘They’re amazing. They are tough people and this is what you get when you join a company. Steve is amazing and he is a world navigator. ‘ Leicester striker Freddie Burns has since stepped off the table as a first -half for George Ford, who went down with an ankle injury. He was very good, like the strongmen, trying in front of Hanro Liebenberg and Jasper Wiese. Fringe England lock Ollie Chessum was the unseen Maro Itoje even though the Saracens had not fired. Billy Vunipola was the only bright spot for the Saracens as both teams lost to a man on a yellow card. Saracens scrum-half Aled Davies and Leicester’s Matt Scott may have seen the red. “We got what we deserved – the better team won,” said Vunipola’s brother Mako. ‘We’re hurt, but losing this game doesn’t explain it to us.’


The Stormers won the United Rugby Championship title in the opening season of the tournament when they beat the Bulls 18-13 in the South African final.

Jake White’s men were released and went for a 7-0 lead on a Harold Vorster try but they haven’t done their heroic yet since last weekend.

While Pretoria regained the spot in their seven -piece defense thanks to Chris Smith’s effort from the tee, the Stormers landed by trying out Evan Roos. John Dobson gained control and went forward for the first time in the game when Andre-Hugo Venter hit. Smith reduced the score but Libbok gave the fall box that gave the Stormers ample space to hold on and sparked excitement on the pitch and stands.

In news that came as no surprise, Jake White complained to the editor about their disappearance. O Farking eejit.

Sorry for the delay, folks! Lessons Learned -> fly QANTAS!


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