Is the big hit coming for Killian Hayes?

The author of the motivational result while in Detroit, Killian Hayes can hope to get points for the future. Unfortunately for him, a new announcement of the Pistons ’offseason could be frustrating for his future in the franchise.

As a 7th candidate of the 2021 Draft, he should live up to the expectations placed in him with a minimum of commitment. Having spent so much time on the Detroit side, Killian Hayes has finally made people talk about him at the end of the regular season. His averages are 11.4 points, 4.1 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 1.9 steals in the last 11 games. He received a great deal of admiration.

At the start of his third tour as a Lions, the young French leader may feel he has done what is necessary to maintain the credibility of his franchise. Much thanks to his coach, Dwane Casey, it was discovered he had a partner who chose to share the backcourt, in the form of Cade Cunningham. However, a newcomer could threaten his place in the first five.

Will Killian Hayes be reduced to the Pistons soon?

After three seasons that ended in deep separation, the Pistons hope to get to the highs again. For this, they need to pull off this summer season of mass, which can drive the hopes of many of the workers. Most importantly… in the end, the position occupied by Hayes. In fact, according to Mark Stein, an old story will be reviewed by Motor City’s first office for free agency:

According to sources, Detroit is considering free agent Dennis Schröder as a better option to strengthen the Pistons backcourt.

Tempted by Jalen Brunson, the Pistons could fall behind in the case of Schröder’s fall, and his inexperience.

At only 28 years old, Germans have already occupied this right of “care” in Houston in recent months. It was a privilege to have the numbers there, as Kelly Iko recalls Athletic :

For their upcoming free agent, Dennis Schröder is in high demand in Houston, but is expected to move to a new home for the 2022-23 season, teachers told The Athletic. Schröder arrived on the February deadline and brought business, knowledge and speed to a much -desired company, but with the emergence of Daishen Nix, along with Porter, Christopher and Green, it really took over. in minutes for the young talents on the roster.

The 6 -man with the Rockets, Dennis The Menace will probably go to Detroit when he signs in the coming weeks? That’s the only hope for Hayes!

Unable to hold the Pistons five, Killian Hayes could quickly compete with a challenge from Dennis Schröder. The left hand, too, the German can act as a very good coach… but also steal his minutes!

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