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Killian Carroll entered Houston’s final on Sunday running a five -race Race 4 Eight win and seeking his ninth Race 4 Eight finish. Diarmaid Nash entered his second Race 4 Eight in search of his first R48 title against his youth and Irish competition. “I think in Ireland I’m sick of playing Killian because we’ve met in every tournament but we haven’t played much since then so I’m looking forward to playing him,” he said. said Nash. Killian is a dog and gives him 120%, so I think I’ll play my best game and get on top. “

Killian Carroll picked up where he left off on Saturday, winning the action on the way to the first win of the first game seven minutes 15-1. Nash changed his approach in the second game, delaying the game with lob service and changing the timing of the game. “That’s what Diarmaid always does to me, he plays me,” Carroll said after the game. “I’m used to playing low and hard ball and he slows down the game and I’ve made a lot of mistakes and he waits for his chances and takes right.”

The tiebreaker started with six sides out, even though no player could catch the moment. Counting seven, Carroll switched to his right -hand service for the first time in a game and saw again the game that took him to the first lead. “I’m chasing Catriona right now,” Carroll said after his nineteen R48 title. “He’s 21 and I’m trying to keep up with him.”

hope: Carroll d. Nash, 15-1, 11-15, 15-7.

Game play

5th playground: Esser vs. Channels

Sam Esser and Leo Canales continued their competition in the fifth round, with Esser taking their last team to fifth place in the R48 January Classic. Canales led 19-14 and 22-18 but Esser saw him hit the back wall, picking up the last seven points of the game to take the fifth place for the second period. . “Leo and Killian were the fastest men on the trip, so it wasn’t easy to put the ball down,” Esser said. “I think I’m going to fly my last shots by an inch at the start of the game, but I see my kills in time.”

hope: To eat d. Channels 25-22.

9th playground: Ruiz vs. Montijo

Tucson’s rivals played in the ninth round, with Ruiz racing for a 14-2 lead before leading the half, 15-14. “Shorty is playing like no one else can do it,” Montijo said. “I just tried to twist and stay in it.” Montijo switched his service throughout the game, switching between 2-Wall lobs, underhand lobs, power serves, and 2-Wall power to switch over time. “Those slow services just kill my time,” Ruiz said. Montijo went first in the second and only went to the finish line with the fatigue of both players. “Winning ninth place was important and I’m proud of myself,” Montijo said. “Shorty made three dives in the last team and there weren’t a lot of easy spots.”

Result: Montijo d. Ruiz 25-23.

R48 Pau

1St: Carroll
2nd: Nash
3rd: Fink/Lucho
5th: Esser
6th: Canales, Jr.
7th: Langmack/Danos
9th: Montijo
10th: Ruiz


hope: Casey Vs. Tully

Catriona Casey entered WR48 Houston last Sunday seeking her twenty -first WR48 title in her twenty -third WR48 start, while Fiona Tully sees her first WR48 finalist in her third time on the tour.

Catriona teased Tully in one game, which needed five minutes to lead. Fiona started to show her great talent in game two, playing close to Catriona in the first teams of game two. Casey pulled, changed his service and performed the entire game so he couldn’t keep up from the start of the tour. “I came right away, jumped the rope, and threw the ball around, so while I was nervous and my legs were heavy, I started to feel good,” Casey said. “I knew Fiona was going to start playing well in the pit and she did. I made the changes, like she did, and I’m happy to win the title.

hope: Casey d. Tully, 15-1, 15-4.

JR WPH Hospital

JR WPH is proud to host the youth handball center at the 2022 Houston Race 4 Eight, teaching some youngsters how to properly train, team up, and have fun on the field. “We really missed having the kids on the court during our vacation, and it was amazing to see all the smiling faces enjoying the game,” said WPH Development Director David Fink.

Thank you

Thank you to the Houston Handball Club, the Tellepsen Family YMCA, Ron Cole, Chuck Reeve, Sandy Gaitz, Jim Krepper, and the WPH staff and advertising teams for a great event in H Town.

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