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PAfghanistan is considered one of the nations with the highest volleyball power in Asia. Although the growth of the country’s leading corporation has faced many hiccups and inconsistencies, due to financial problems, it has not performed very well in the region. Pakistan can beat the top Asian teams.

Fortunately, the country has been producing high -quality talent over the years. What we lacked was business licenses and extensive foreign advertising. The Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) hopes to start its own professional club in the future that will truly transform the country’s volleyball in the coming years.

At the 1989 Seoul Asian Championship, Pakistan’s top four teams finished when they lost to China in the third match 3-2. It was the best performance from Pakistan in the archipelago. However, since then the brigade has finished seventh, eighth or lower in the Asian competition.

The PVF is working hard to recruit supporters in order to develop the game at various levels. The next day, the company entered into an agreement with Engro. The team can help in the long run.

Let’s ask PVF manager Chaudhry Mohammad Yaqoob and he will tell you about the deal and the implications of his plans to develop the sport as a major factor.

“The PVF has entered into an agreement with Engro Pakistan to develop volleyball. The development process needs to develop a steady stream of young and talented players to replace the current members of the team,” he said. Yaqoob said ‘The News on Sunday’ (TNS). ) in an interview following the Engro-PVF agreement in Lahore.

“To be successful, we need to develop national uniforms of all age groups (Under-16, Under-18, Under-20 and Under-23). climbing slowly, ”Yaqoob said.

“The development, growth and improvement of the quality of local organizations is one of the most important demands as only companies can produce new talent. Education agencies need to be involved in the development of “volleyball in schools, colleges and colleges. Get more money,” he said.

“Organizing club competitions at the zonal, civil, division, provincial and national levels will also help in developing a database of players and teams.

It will strengthen other teams, ”said Yaqoob, a former senior police officer.

“During club competitions, young talents are selected for local training camps in eight parts of the country for a period of three months each year following the team’s competition. “She was to run a government youth camp for three to four months,” he said.

“There will be national training camps of all ages for world tournaments according to the Regional Volleyball Confederation (AVC) calendar and information for top competitions. If funding is available, the training camps will be held at different countries and at camps where the team plays with local and national teams of all ages, “he said.

“The training system and the competitions above are the only way forward to achieve the high goals. We will keep the influx of new talent through increasing the core of the sport. to develop young talent and promote sport as a profession, “he said.

“Holding a professional league every year will give the impetus to find players for themselves and make volleyball a business. Make volleyball an exciting sport for the people. “And finally, it is hoped that as the Pakistan volleyball team stands on the podium in every upcoming tournament, there will be more supporters for the sport,” he wrote. and to Yaqoob.


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