Ja Morant intimidates the Soldiers and breaks a wild promise!

Not so good with some Warriors, Ja Morant joined Draymond Green throughout the day. The exchange continued on Twitter, until the two men decided to hold her on a basketball court. The Grizzlie was completely relieved, and he swore Hell to his opponents: this fight couldn’t wait.

Even with a And Morant in full health, the Grizzlies did not compete with the Warriors in these sports games. Ja Morant, however, disagreed, as the leader added that the outcome would have been different, if he had not been able to hurt himself. That’s a bold statement, as you can see how high the Dubs play in these exciting competitive games. But whatever you want, Ja is not seen as lacking in confidence.

next year? Count on the leader to go back to the front of the stage, and do the worst with his team. Memphis wants to take it one step further, with no reason not to go to the big game to celebrate, despite the intense competition in the Western Conference. Morant was very hot. Seen by his fight with Draymond Green this Sunday on Twitter.

Ja Morant hot -faced the Soldiers

The two men can respect each other, but it is clear that there is some kind of evil in the air. They continued their transformation, with a given time: Christmas. Green has no problem playing the Grizzlies on Christmas Day, but it’s a reminder that the meeting will be held in San Francisco, because the Dubs are top notch. Morant is an inexperienced person.

Let the bosses play at home my little boy! It was Christmas day …

Did the NBA plan a Memphis-Golden State tournament? It’s impossible to know, but given some of the tensions that exist between these two franchises, one might think that’s the case. Morant wanted to fight him, and California swore at night:

I come for you. Tell them to set the date. I am behind you.

More determined than ever, Ja Morant wants to face the Warriors and take victory along the way. There’s a lot of anger between the two teams, promising to explode this season. Given the controversy, we hope the NBA has planned something serious Christmas.

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