Columbus Blue Jackets NHL Draft Preview

The Columbus Blue Jackets have one of the deepest pools of prospects in the NHL, but they will need to take his talent to the next level if they are to compete for a playoff point. (Getty Images)

Columbus would pick sixth overall after receiving the Chicago first-round pick. The Blue Jackets pick again at number 12 for their slot. As the first team to have first-round picks this year, the Blue Jackets will have the opportunity to alter the expected draft order either by trade or by selecting a player with an organizational need with more risk. Columbus is already well positioned for the future, and boasts one of the deepest prospects pools in the league. This group is headed by University of Michigan star, and fifth in 2021, Kent Johnson. At the level of the National Hockey League, Columbus has young players including Cole Selinger and Adam Buchvist, but this season the team has managed to achieve only modest results. Expecting Johnson or other potential clients to step in and fix this on the spot is an exaggeration. However, Columbus is heading in the right direction.

The most important prospects

Kent Johnson, p – Aside from Patrick Lane, the blue jackets lack elite skill. With Johnson in the fold, the team is getting close to correcting this problem. Johnson is a playmaker at heart, and will almost certainly start as Columbus’ second or third streak this season. His ability to find seams and generate attack where nothing seems possible is a talent every team aspires to. His performances this season with Michigan has been dominant, but the experience he gained with Team Canada at the Olympics and the Men’s World Championships is perhaps most valuable in Johnson’s move to the NHL.

Daniel Tarasov, J – The 6’6″ netting guard who has put in stellar numbers in four games with the Blue Jackets this season, Tarasov is set to play a season with the AHL’s Cleveland Monsters. That fate was sealed when Columbus re-signed Jonas Corbesallo for another season as Elvis’ backup Merzlikens The most important factor in Tarasov’s development this season is giving him a start The 23-year-old made only 15 appearances this past season.

Kirill Marchenko, F Some expect Marchenko to jump straight into the National Hockey League next season. He has the size and has shown skill at the international level championing Russia in both the U18s and World Juniors. Statistically, he has had a slight dip in the KHL this season with the SKA St Petersburg team. How he adjusts will determine whether Machenko stays at Columbus or takes time at the AHL first. As the 2018 pick, Marchenko will be 22 when he arrives at camp.

one to watch

The overlooked free agent craze in the NCAA was a short-lived, smaller signature, with great potential. That was the player Nick Blankenburg, Captain of the University of Michigan. A 5-foot-9, 24-year-old defender, Blankenberg was undoubtedly one of the smoothest moving discus players in the country. With a bigger frame, NHL teams could have fought so hard for the Michigan native. When he entered Columbus’ squad at the end of the season, Blankenberg used his best assets – his movement and intelligence – to defend, and it was effective. He earned three points in seven matches and was named to Team USA for the World Championship. Jacob Christiansen He is another defender who has the offensive upside to watch. Signed as a free agent after junior, Christiansen this season was named to the AHL Second Team All-Star, where he scored 45 points in 62 games.

ready to step in

Kent Johnson will grab the headlines, but she is Liam Foddy Who will feel the pressure to start the NHL season? The 18th overall pick in 2018, now or not Fody never stepped in and showed his worth. He showed his worth in 10 playoffs in 2019-20, but only made one NHL game this past season. Foddy is faster than just about anyone in the game, but sometimes he takes up his time and space that surprisingly fast. When he flips his speed on opponents, whether it’s alert or dashing, he’s efficient.

Requirements in the draft

Columbus has organizational depth in all positions but a left wing void. Although they were successful in turning players into the center, there was a need for a real scoring winger to surround Johnson in the future. Whether it’s with the first or second selection of the opening round, players including Frank Nazar, Cutter Gauthier, Jonathan Licrimacki, Matthew Savoy, Joachim Kimmel or Brad Lambert should be there. With their other choice, Columbus could use another defender to supplement the strong youth core they have developed and already played in the NHL.

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