Title IX volleyball player of Moldan has a great history

One year from now, Alena Moldan will decide whether to play another year at the University of New Mexico or start a two -year doctoral assistance program, working in a hospital. Or the hospital where he or she will assist the doctor or physician.

Moldan, Lobos ’top-flight libero taking on a 4.2-point average, will have the option of a new year due to the short coronavirus short-term period of 2020-21.

In addition, he or she will have the option to seek appropriate opportunities out of and out of court under Title IX, the law enacted 50 years ago that prohibits adultery. (including pregnancy, sexuality and homosexuality) discrimination in any educational or employment program. receiving federal financial assistance.

To guide our story in Title IX, we seek an edge of our cover, as it were. Many players could qualify for that bill – their lives were better and more fortunate to walk through the gates opened by federal law.

A serious and critical thinker with a young age in chemistry, Moldan is a good choice to show what it means.

What does Title IX mean to Moldan?

“It’s an opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done before,” said Moldan, a captain and starter for each game since his arrival at UNM in 2019.

“That’s the only goal of women’s athletics to do the best it can to show off to other women’s athletes and the girls who are watching you.

“I remember I was one of those little girls and I wanted to play college volleyball and watch them all and their amazing, all the good things they do, and I think i think it’s a very good thing to do.work.Sports doesn’t have the right time for women to actually go to the gym in college and do what we can today.It’s a very good thing to do. becoming one of those women’s sports.

It is not precise to say that Moldan is making full use of the opportunity provided by Title IX, and those steps began while growing in Lakeville, Minnesota.

The focus on Title IX, pure talent and undeniable desire began in those early days.

Alena looked after her two -year -old sister, Allison.

Alena played football, volleyball, sports, swimming and baseball instead of playing ball.

Libero was right for Alena. He is fast, low down to the ground and can chase the balls to keep the rallies going.

“That’s our anchor,” UNM volleyball coach Jon Newman-Gonchar said of Alena.

“When our team is in a time of anger or fear, it’s the calm and reassuring voice when the team needs to wake up and need strength, that’s what He read carefully in the room.

Moldan was a major factor in the re -emergence of the Lobos. In 2020-21, UNM went 4-10, 4-10 in the Mountain West game. Last year, the Lobo shot 20-10, 11-7 in the playoffs.

It is easy to see that Moldan has got his full scholarship to play at UNM.

Last year, Moldan was named, at the academy, three times named Mountain West Defensive Player of the Week. The team captain started 30 games and played 107 sets. He recorded double digits in 23 games and 20-plus in eight. In addition, he had a top 30 digging career against Seattle.

Newman-Gonchar did not want to talk or show up to give lectures.

“The fact is we’re a top scoring sport, with 12 lessons, and I have more than 12 players on my team,” Newman-Gonchar said. “When it comes to splitting up the same lessons and scholarships, I keep the balance because I and their parents and the treasury; and even normal operation.

However, the competition for lessons starts before the school game starts. Moldan joined UNM without scholarship. But he worked hard for that help before he became Lobo.

Her family traveled to different cities where Alena and Allison (who attended St. Benedict’s School in Minnesota) could compete.

Once, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Marty, the father of Moldans, jumped in and out of Uber cars so he could see his daughters playing many sports.

“It’s a very good experience.” Part of Marty Moldan. “We’re laughing now but it’s fun and exciting.”

The Moldans are a sporting and competitive family. Mum Gwen played golf at Mankato State, where she met her husband. Marty did not play golf, but he never returned from a Wiffle ball game to a board game in the living room.

Alena competes in the same way when it comes to school.

Alena graduated from the 15th grade of her class at Lakeville South High School, and was inducted into the National Honors League and named ‘ he was on the Dean’s List.

So where would Moldan be without his Title IX rights?

“I like to think I’ll always be here for school,” Alena said. “I really like being here. I really like the project. I probably wouldn’t have known or thought about it without volleyball. All the connections I have made here I owe my time to be here. Or maybe I was in a little school in Minnesota.

“I don’t know if I will get involved. This gave me the opportunity to work with people I didn’t know to work with. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity anywhere else. “

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