Released, Draymond Green added a roster and tied the Celtics!

A big fight has come out lately, between Draymond Green and the Celtics. The lake didn’t appreciate much the ridicule of the opponents, but decided to use it to make it even better. So now that the title has won, Green is completely released. After arguing with a star company, he mocked the franchise with a fancy shirt.

If anyone is happy that the Warriors were anointed over the Celtics, they are Draymond Green. First, it’s a title for him, to please after some tough years with Golden State. The taste was unique, however, as he did not play his best ball in recent years and was ridiculed by opposing supporters. Problems? That’s not the best idea in the world.

Like other great players, Green uses these words to get better. He didn’t come back 100% sure, but there was progress, and the ridicule of the fans really encouraged Steph Curry and the team. Now that the title has won, the Dubs can separate. In the locker room, immediately after the title and very drunk, The Punch himself was the one who dropped a punchline.

Draymond Green against the Celtics!

However, he wasn’t the only one to tease the enemies, as Green wanted to put his salt in his mouth. On his last trip, therefore, he did not hesitate to mock the Celtics, but mostly from Jaylen Brown with an old tweet, from last January. He didn’t want to stop there, as when he arrived in California on Friday, the player received a letter to send to Boston, with a shirt on.

If the Celtics want their top 18, it’s not now. But we can see the words of the Warriors, who really ruined the party. Green, who was happy to beat Boston in these finals, would be happy, and that would be humbling.

Perhaps this man is weeping

Hit the Celtics? Draymond Green was happy, and to this day he continues to fight the opposition. That was the game, even more so after a lot of ridicule from the fans. Be careful though, because replaying can be difficult next year or so. If so, it’s exploding.

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