New viral photos and horror show about Delonte West

After missing the opportunity to start the Big 3 again, Delonte West was seen in sad pictures a few days ago. The latest discovery isn’t meant to be more comforting, like the big scoop on his never returning to basketball.

The NBA world forgot about him, but he soon fell in love with him when he saw his terrible condition, nearly 10 years after the end of his NBA career. Starting as a guard for LeBron James’s Cavaliers in 2008-09, Delonte West has gone for a very short time in recent years. Abandoned, damaged and mixed up, she walked the streets living hand and mouth.

Is Delonte West homeless? The Dark Explanation

This itself is heavy in Hell but it seems to have ended a few months ago due to the efforts of so many players in the league and football. In fact, West is very close to reconnecting with his love of the floors by joining the Big 3 through his film, which was set last May. Not selected, He was seen a few days later in similar photographs which he tried to leave. The most unfortunate change… is that he only owes himself as much DailyMail :

It was announced in April that West is set to return as a professional athlete with the Big 3, the 3-vs-3 league that Ice Cube founded in 2017 filling its ranks with equipment. old NBA games. But a source told “he didn’t show up” about the lion’s share of events held in May. It is not clear the reasons for this decision that broke his status.

Without knowing why, West gave up this golden moment for him. This was before he returned to his daily wandering life, but now in Virginia, where he was recognized by the league. The first guide is there, as confirmed by a new video obtained by DailyMailwhere he will again be seen to give generously.

Outside a store, West was seen talking to some visitors who saw him. Some of them ended up giving him money, no doubt at his request. Unfortunately for her, her dream of returning was abandoned. It’s hard to swallow, after leaving so much hope for him in recent weeks.

Not much better is the case of Delonte West, who regularly walks the streets of Alexandria, Virginia. It’s interesting now to see the reasons that led him to snub the Big 3 draft.

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