Is Kevin Durant angry after the Warriors title ?!

A veteran player for several seasons, Kevin Durant has not maintained a very good relationship with his former teammates. Admittedly, there was no letter from the player behind the Dubs title, which was compared to a LeBron James for example. Some internet users are happy with the status, and wonder if Durantula will make a public appearance.

Today on the Nets, Kevin Durant hopes to compete with the Warriors this season, with all hopes of winning the title with Kyrie Irving. Where? A picture in the first round, against the Celtics. It’s a real offense for this list, and we think a KD is embarrassed by the search for events. Fortunately, the star hopes to return next year to punish, and as such said there could be a big injury on Brooklyn’s side.

Was Kevin Durant hurt by the new boss?

It doesn’t seem like the player wants to improve, but he may have seen the name of the Warriors from near or far tonight, Thursday, against the Celtics. A lot of people admired the franchise, and LeBron James, can appreciate the work of Golden State. When? No words, now. If he planned a little, we can say he was taking his time.

But Durant continued with Drake’s return, as described in his story “the GOAT is back”. So no message for the Dubs, KD wants to think about other things. We think she might want to think, with a simple message for Steph, Klay or Green. After all, that’s the main idea.

However, the win without Durant was a special treat for Curry, who was eager to shut some mouths from the departure of his former teammate. This is his description of the ban, immediately after its four titles:

Of course, well thought out, that’s the end of a book. But no one in October thought we would go here. Now, with this group, there’s no comparison to what it used to be, and that’s pretty cool.

Steph Curry was happy not to win with Kevin Durant, but it would have been better to win a title with this team. There is a future ahead of Golden State, promising young people to thrive. For now, KD doesn’t have to regret his decision to leave the Dubs, but we think he’s a little bitter behind this ring.

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