“He told me that if I got another fan he would drive me out of the lion.”

Everyone is a fan these days, especially in the NBA. But if this kind of work develops and democratizes, his image is not always good… In fact, in the 90s, a star was almost burned because of the size of his body. Times have changed so much!

Today, sails are much better by our community, and in some industries. So it is clear that those who do not like to face covered hands or scratched eyes will always have trouble, but in fact, the flag is seen in the form of a picture and on the eyes. everything is a form of self -expression.

In NBA games, that’s the norm today, because they almost have players, in all sorts of ways. Stephen Curry worked with ease with watchful gestures and a word in the Hebrew language it was very beautiful, if the young star wanted it Deandre Ayton is in for a treat because of an unpredictable outcomeThe fire

Dennis Rodman is almost retired because of his fans

However, in order to get there, it first took those who rejected the taboos and prohibitions, and this was the case of Allen Iverson and Dennis Rodman. In the 90’s, the lake of the Pistons and Bulls stood in its own way, not to the liking of general manager David Stern. In an interview with Kevin Hart, the Worm returned to a crazy meeting with the commissioner.

I started to get the fan before any NBA player thought of getting the fan. I remember when I went to see David Stern at his office in New York, he told me that if I got one more fan, he would kick me out of the team… I’m getting the new seal. I continued, and I also did the piercings.

Dennis Rodman has a tattoo all over his body, not all of them are “easy”, so we can understand how angry David Stern was at the time, his main goal was to restore the image of the lion to the present. the general public. To give you an idea, the inside of the Bulls is a naked woman in the background, it shouldn’t be talked about at a family gathering…

Even today, when the flag is approved, Dennis Rodman will be a UFO with many of his pieces and additions. So in the 90’s, we can imagine the tension between “normal” Americans and David Stern.

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